dumpster find of the week: a jacket for two

You might remember that when I was ranting about maternity clothing and all of the other consumer pitfalls set for pregnant women, I mentioned needing a jacket. Apparently I really like form-fitting jackets. I had never noticed. That is until none of them zipped up anymore, and I started to feel a hint of winter in the air.

Then one awesome lady surprised me with by sending a long winter jacket she didn’t need anymore in the mail. A few days later I found a second jacket, the one I am wearing in the rather too dark picture above, in the trash across the street to boot (to jacket!). The gifted jacket may or may not fit until month nine, but if it doesn’t this jacket is big enough for both the Beard and I to wear at the same time. And it’s really warm. And it’s lined with fleece. And it’s not a hideous color. And once Peanut is here she’ll fit in the carrier under the jacket as well. As usual, three cheers for the trash!

Read about why I do a “dumpster find of the week” series here. Or check out some of the other treasures I’ve pulled out of the trash here.

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  1. what a good find, so cozy & roomy! as far a fitting in your husband too, don’t underestimate how much more your Peanut will grow before she is ready to make her appearance in the world, LOL

    my little guy was a full fledged, full sized oven thorough the hot, sticky summer into August and beyond

    like all your book collections on the walls

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