dumpster find of the week: a heap o’ snacks

Wherein a first-time scavenger gets mountain of snacks right from the store:

“I’ve never officially dumpster dived. Other then picking stuff up off the sidewalk. Anyway, after reading articles about dumpster diving and seeing someone in the act a few weeks ago, I thought ‘why not? maybe I should try it!’. Well, I hadn’t gotten around to it. But today I attended a going-out-of-business sale at a local small business, I noticed a trash can that was full to the brim of food, and simply asked the employees if I could take it all. It made their job easier and they gladly accepted.

“The food is mostly organic/whole foods type ‘fancy’ stuff. I ended up with maybe 100 dollars worth of cookies, crackers, candy, bag after bag of pretzels, several jars of salsa (SCORE!), and an entire case of berry preserves. It may not have been an ‘official dumpster dive’ but I kept some food out of the landfill, and I’ll be able to share a bunch of it with friends and family in the coming weeks, and that’s good enough for me.”

Keep your eyes open, don’t be too shy to ask, and you never know what you’ll end up with.

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  1. when I first moved to the States, I always wondered why these people threw away so much useable stuff, then I worked as a waiter and saw how much food they throw away… and now they are my people, and I hope more people “dumpster dive” …

  2. That’s seriously awesome.
    The other day, at Whole Foods, I considered asking the butcher if they had any meat that was expiring and if so, could I have it for a discount. But then I chickened out.
    I’ll work up the nerve, though, because if it’s at or one day past the sell-by, I have no qualms about buying it and cooking it up that night, then freezing it.

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