dumpster find of the week: a collection

Cleaning out Frankenshed the other week, I got out my camera and starting snapping pictures of all the little trash-treasure tidbits I had waiting in there for me. And here, a small selection of the things I found too bland to get a dumpster find of the week post all to themselves, but too awesome not to at least briefly mention.

What have you found recently? Has spring been bringing new dumspter finds into your house, or things you’ve been decluttering out? What do you do with things you don’t want or need anymore?

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  1. Love the basket, perhaps to be used for sewing or knitting?

  2. Here in Portland OR, our highly successful clothing swap movement has sprouted some non-clothing branches. I’m downsizing, so last Saturday I hauled a carload of things to a “Stuff Swap” that filled a small gym with over 100 people and their ex-possessions. A good time was had by all, and the leftovers were donated to local shelters and “community closets.” In case any of your other readers are in my area, here are links for more info about future swaps:

  3. yeah, it’s fun rediscovering past finds,

    I’m trying not to bring anything big home, although I found a sweet little table to refinish & use for son’s desk, my mom found a little wooden art cart for him as well, we’ve been finding cool rusty objects, rocks, buttons

    for decluttering, my challenge will be sorting through clothes & donating things away, can’t find stuff to wear when there’s too much of it–argh! have to put smaller sizes by until I get smaller too–another argh!

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