dumpster find of the week: a carboy, score

For years I have been flirting with the idea of buying a large glass carboy at the flea market.  Wine making!  Wouldn’t that be a good skill to have?  But like so many ideas, so many items once hastily scribbled on a to-do list, I hadn’t gotten around to it.  And damn are those bottles expensive.

I happened upon this among a large pile of trash as I walked home from the train station, and I did a little mental cartwheel when I saw it.  Getting it home while also carrying a baby and a backpack was difficult.  I reminded myself of the desk I carried 2 km and the mattress I’d schlepped for blocks balanced on my head.  This was easy! I am hulk!  RAR!  Many arm switches and short breaks later I’d gotten it home.  Sweet sweet trash.  Thanks for that one.

In other scavenging news

I’ve had my attention drawn to a new dumpster diving blog called Things I Find in the Garbage.  Here is somebody walking and biking around Montreal, picking through trash, and documenting it with words and pictures.  A body after my own heart.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hey, I run that blog and found this post through my stats. Thanks for the mention!

    Also, nice carboy find. Hopefully you can make some good wine or beer with it.

  2. Martin: Hi! Thanks for coming by. I hope I make some good wine or beer with it too. Keep up the good scavenging. Your last post had me drooling at all the trash to be picked through.

  3. Possibly. I don’t know how much foraging is possible out in the grape fields. Ie how to tell that the season is over and the farmer’s aren’t leaving the grapes to freeze to make ice wine? Will have to look into that.

  4. Hi, As a newbie to the Mainz-Frankfurt-Wiesbaden area any tips on good places to start the Freegan lifestyle? I bin-dived in the UK for food at supermarkets, but there I had friends to go with – any groups to join in Mainz? Or good areas for supermarket/shop waste etc.

    Love, love, love the blog!

    • Heya Em,
      Well, there are plenty of great places to dumpster dive…though the way things are always changing I’d say just start checking out all the supermarkets around where you live. Teegut can be glorious when the dumpsters are out. I’d recommend going by a vokü at Haus Mainusch and getting to know some of the people there. There are some dumpster divers to be found among them. Sometime when I’m visiting friends in Mainz we could go on an expidition together of course.

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