dumpster find of the week

After having stored my clothes in a shelved cabinet for two years, I find myself longing for drawers. And last week I found the perfect little chest of ’em sitting all lonely and scared in the trash corral across the street. Now filled with socks and papers, they sit happy and warm across from my desk.

As for the other bits in this picture: the camel was a gift, the basket container thing came from the trash about six months ago (and it is entirely filled with towels and sheets that were also collected from the trash), and the washboard leaning against the chest of drawers is from a flea market (3 euros, and I intend never to wash a thing with it, but to give it to Sue for music making).

This morning’s trash brought with it five more blankets, and four pillows. When it comes to kitchen stuff, clothes, just about anything really, I have no problem leaving behind what I don’t need. But when it comes to blankets, entire sets of blankets and pillows and little throws all wrapped up together in a fitted sheet and deposited directly in the trash still smelling of detergent, then there is no blanket left behind.

In part my nesting/hoarding instincts are to blame. But in part it is just fucking stupid to throw away big downy blankets. Take them to the fucking homeless shelter! Give them to your friends! Make them into dog beds! Anything, anywhere but the trash, I’m begging you people! Else shatter shall my heart into a thousand downy pieces that will not be salvageable from your local dumpster.

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