dumpster find of my heart: twigs for nesting

Sheets and blankets and towels don’t make for good headlines.  But from them I built my comfy sleeping nest (well, not the towels), and my comfy sleeping nest is pretty much the most important place in my little house.  Because we live so tiny (our main dwelling being 7 meters by 2,20 meters for those of you just tuning in), our bed tends to serve as both bed, couch, and living room.  When I’m inside, I’m usually hanging out on the bed.

I’ve written about the bed in my Wagen before, about how I built it out of dumpstered materials, got a mattress from a friend, and then clothed it in dumpster-dived pillows, sheets, and blankets.  And the bed in our main Wagen is pretty much the same deal.  Though the main frame was in it when we moved in, the extension that we added to make it huge (so Baby Pickles could sleep in it with us) was largely dumpstered and the mattress extension was cut out of a bit of foam headed for the trash.

Though I haven’t been checking the trash across the street so often for booty (and the university changed the type of trash cans there, which makes for slightly more work for the diver), I still managed to find one of the recurrent “bed bundles” this season.  What is a bed bundle?  Well, it’s when a student, for no reason I can ascertain, takes the fitted sheet off of their bed, wraps all of the rest of their bed clothes in it (blankets pillows etc) and then tosses it as-is in the trash.  It blows my mind every time I find one, and over the years I’ve found quite a few, and it is the reason that all (with three exceptions, one from a flea market and two old fitted sheets from my mom) of my sheets, the sheets (and towels) that you see in that photo, are from the trash.

As usual, thanks to the wasteful students!  (But really?)  How ironic (is this actual irony?  I have never bothered to really hammer the true definition of that word into my head) that I profit from the same waste that frustrates me so.  Oh those twisted webs.


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  1. nice seeing those neat cozy stacks, I’ve brought back down pillows, comforters, feather bed, sheets, and pillows cases from different alleys, I washed everything in hot water and dried in hot dryer, aired in the sun and wind, no bugs, worries (other than being cornered by 2 vicious pitbulls one time! too scary)

    a dear friend had her mother purchase new bedding, kig down comforter, I almost fell down when I saw the prices, maybe they were presale, but still, heaven almighty 100$ per pair? or single? sham, 500$ for thin comforter

  2. Can’t remember the last time I bought any sheet, towel or whatever textiles for the house. Even brought a down comforter home from bulk trash. Just had to repair a tiny hole, stuck it in my washing machine and its good as new.

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