dumpster diver the musical

Holy fucking shit, it’s Dumpster Diver the musical! I knew there was a lot of dumpster-diving-related media out there, but I never imagined that it was theme that would make it to the realm of musical theater. Ha! Seems that the time has come for This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb to give up their monopoly in my heart in the area of dumpster-diving related songs.

Though I haven’t been able to find mention of any actual performances, the Dumpster Diver the Musical website has a synopsis of the plot that sounds pretty apetizing as far as plots go:

“What if everything you had believed in was based on a lie? What if the company you were working for had evil intentions that they advertised as necessary for security? What if you were given the opportunity to expose the truth? When confronted by an old college friend with the truth about his company, Trevor has a decision to make. Will he continue working and living a comfortable life, or will he risk everything to tell the truth, and in doing so, find adventure? Discover what happens in this new musical about friendship, adventure, and dumpster diving.”

I’d be willing to bet some really awesome crusty anarcho folks are behind this, and hopefully they’ll write me back and let me interview them so that I can find out and tell you all about it. Until then, you can sing along to their cheesily poppy and adorable ode to some trash pickin’ fun, “I feel aliver (now that I’m a dumpster diver).” I think a round of high fives are in order.

Do you know any other songs about dumpster diving? I’d love to compile a dumpster mix tape track list. I can only come up with two off the top of my head: This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb // Of Chivalry and Romance in a Dumpster, Madeline Adams // Dumpster Dive Mother (though I’m not sure that song actually has much to do with dumpster diving). Leave me more in the comments (with links to places where I can hear ’em if possible). Perhaps the time has come for Click Clack Gorilla: The Mix Tape.

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  1. gegenglueck: That is hilarious. My band, we do a cover version of the original of that song. His added verse is awesome. Going to have to share that with the other Hell Train conductors. Thanks for the tip.

    John: Gonna go check that out. Sweet!

  2. While films – like the one mentioned by John – are listed at Trashwiki, songs are were missing, so I’ve given it a start. Maybe you could share your hopefully growing list there as well?

  3. Oh, in Surfing the Waste, there are some scenes that take place in the old house in which I used to live…mainly some kitchen segments (in which you can see the bicycle powered blender!) and out front (you can tell cause of the rainbow flag). Had some awesome times in that drafty falling down cheap rent house..

  4. John: That blender was freakin’ awesome. Someday, when my wand mixer dies, I’m going to build one of those. Sweet video. Thanks so much for the tip. I’ll have to do a post about it at some point.

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