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Once upon a time on an Amtrak in Amieland, I got wasted sick on acrtic air conditioning and “no we don’t have any vegan food in the dining car” during the 18-hour ride to Greensboro, North Carolina. That’s when Helena taught me how to make Dragon Slayers. And I thought, you knowing so much about my life and all, that I should give you the recipe. It might sound a little gross at first, but these’ll keep you from getting sick, cure you if you already are, and wake you up quicker than a cup of joe.

1/2 fresh lemon
1 medium-sized clove garlic, minced
a dash of chili powder

Squeeze out the lemon and place juice in a small cup. Sprinkle in minced garlic and top with chili powder. Down in one go and marvel at the force of nature that is vitamin c mixed with garlic and sweet, sweet (spicey) chili.

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  1. this is very cool & very useful, as we’ve sometimes found our cupboards down to a similarly scant array of remaining ingredients. oh, and lately we’ve been gleaning many a lemon from the farm fields and lemon tree landscaping features of this desert oasis. citrus surplus indeed (with an occassionally-grabbed grapefruit here and there).

    hey, did my email get through while you’ve been out there galavanting your damn heart out? either way, i’ll just be here doing the more classical eating my heart out, imagining what it would be like running around that crazy continent rolling beneath your feet over there…

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