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It is Tuesday morning, and it is my turn to do the dishes. I pour water from the canister next to the stove into a large metal pot, and I light one of the burners on the stove. While the water is heating, I read blogs. What a strange combination of the primitively simple and modern technology…

Once the water is warm I put in a pile of plates and start to wash. Sometimes I use organic biodegradable soap that I can pour on the garden when I’m finished. But the organic biodegradable soap doesn’t cut grease for shit, so I often use poison chemical whatever soap and afterward I pour it in the gutter in the street behind the platz.

The milk and cheese from breakfast are on the table next to my computer: it has gotten cold outside again, and I don’t bother carrying the dairy products to the next refrigerator when I know they’ll be just fine sitting on the table until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I revel in not needing a refrigerator, though I hope to find some containers suitable to make a wet-sand cool box thing for next summer.

When all of the dishes are clean and piled in the drying rack, the water is tinted red from last night’s spaghetti.

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  1. kind of fascinating how the banal details of daily life become interesting when they aren’t your own…

    do you ever miss the old sink and running water set up of most house/apartment kitchens?

  2. You could always try bicarb and vinegar – that should clean just about anything and I don’t think it would kill too much in the garden. Although it’s ridiculously expensive to buy natron in the ordinary shops here so you have to go to Asian shops or US/UK shops and get the imported stuff (arm + hammer) there. Or so I’ve heard. For now I still make anyone coming over to visit from Ireland bring me a few packets each time.

  3. feuerfran: i do sometimes, but only when i’m sick. the rest of the time i don’t mind carrying water (and when i’m sick there is usually someone around to help out so all in all its almost never too irritating). though i do wish it was coming from our own well and not the city system.

    Moonwaves: good call. i use that combination to clean other stuff, but never really thought about it for dishes. and that’s also a good reminder to me to bring back heaps of it when i visit the us in two weeks.

  4. Cara Mae: amazingly, yes. i’m in jeans and a sweater and have my coat wrapped around me because my colleague just opened the window. cold, but very pleasantly so. i heart fall-ish weather.

  5. how fantastic that you are somewhere cool! it was 105F here yesterday and is suppose to be even hotter today- yuck!!

    thank u so much for visiting my blog!

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