daily life (november 2014)

There is a new bike route to take each morning; Winter has started kindergarten.  The only reason I have to not be excited about this is the fact that the orientation phase involves a parent sitting at the kindergarten for two or three hours every day, and then going home with the child.  So, for some amount of time we cannot pinpoint beforehand, we have no set daily child care.  I have been dreading it for months.

I don’t know how any one in Germany with children and “normal” jobs (as in 9-5, 40 hours a week, pressure, etc) manages to have children.

Otherwise: exciting!  Wee!  My little girl is growing up, glug glug, *wistful smile* etc or something.  I don’t feel sentimental about it, though it seems that people expect me to, just glad that she’ll be somewhere where she will be more challenged,  more stimulated.  She was getting bored at the pre-school-child-care-I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-to-call-it-in-English, and she’s loving the new place.  I am occasionally astonished, looking at her, that she is so big and whole and smart and interesting, and I am excited for all she has to look forward to.

I’m feeling more informational than poetic today, sorry reading world.  It must be the fact that I had insomnia last night and instead of sleeping finished The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.  The Beard is in the middle of gutting half of our sleeping Wagen because there was mold.  A real monster under the bed situation.  Helloooo panic attack! Apparently being able to locate my physical possessions is one of the few weak tennants currently connecting me to wells of sanity and patience.

I was forced to take Winter’s treehouse bed apart and build her one lower to the ground because she refused to sleep in the tree house, though she liked to play there.  Now we only have a light case of slashing legs and flailing arms and screaming when its time to go to bed.  She still doesn’t sleep through the night.  At this point I no longer believe she ever will.  I mean shit, I don’t sleep through the night, even when I can. *weeps*  (No, this is not a plea for advice.)  Because of Beard’s gutting project, we won’t have a big bed anymore either, so, well, I’ll just hold my tongue and my breath and hope I can sleep again comfortably, with copius space, for many hours at a time, someday.

Hey, is that a coffee on your desk?  I’m going to need to take that. *reaches through screen* *runs off laughing* *runs into pole and is knocked unconscious*

Unconscious sounds good right now.  Only seven more hours until bedtime.

What has your life been like?

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  1. Your Kindergarten is different to ours. We had a day or two like that and then it was “Drop ’em off and leave ’em” time, even if they were crying as we went through the door.
    My impression is that some of the middle class people here who who have jobs (The ones where mummy drops the kids off in the SUV) are far enough up the heirarchy that they can just ‘take a day off’ in these cases or the wage earner is bringing enough in so the partner is able to flex. I’m not sure what people with less flexible employers do.

  2. I remember that one of my former co-workers had to go through the same kindergarten process and it lasted something like two months.

    I might be wrong, but I think the company was legally obliged to give him the time he was spending at the KG off.

  3. Unconscious sounds excellent to me. Not much sleep here either: we’ve (he’s) got arriving molars, fevers, rashes, the shits so I’m working from home, which is of course virtually impossible. Ah, life.

  4. Hi, have you started any Christmas traditions? I am looking for ideas about tiny house holiday ideas on decorating or gift giving. Also, do you do American holidays like Thanksgiving? Does Germany have any holiday traditions? Thanks!

  5. here in switzerland it’s like that too. only all kids (even my 12 year old!) come home for lunch every day. i don’t know about where you are but here, i think it’s a kind of forced way to have a stay at home parent (i.e mom!). and if the teacher is sick- kids are sent home, usually. at least it makes for a really resourceful parent 🙂 though i have to say. i do like eating lunch with my son, it would be nice to work a full time trick one of these days…

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