cloth diaper diary: and they all fall down

Baby Pickles walks like a drunk.  I suppose all toddlers do. One step forward, one step back, sway, sway, and then she’s on the ground.  But unlike a drunk, she has a thick padded bottom to land on.  She’s never landed on her face.  I guess babies are like cats like that.  Yet another reason to love on some cloth diapers.

This month I am totally pissed at FuzziBunz.  I mean, come on.  When diapers costs 20 bucks I want them to work.  I want them to look brain-meltingly cute, to fit, and to keep pee in.  I want to use them for all the other kids I ever have.  At that price I’d like it if they would bring me a glass of wine and give me a massage, but at the very least they should be keeping the pee in, right?

My first shock came when the FuzziBunz arrived with a warning that I would probably have to replace the leg elastic after six months (replacement elastic included).  Excuse me?  I don’t want to replace any leg elastic.  I am lazy, bought these diapers because they were supposed to be easy, and have mending in my basket from over four years ago that I still haven’t gotten to. And you’re telling me I will have to replace the leg elastic of 15 diapers every six months?!!  Much to my relief, I haven’t had to replace any leg elastic.  But snaps and buttons have broken.  Thumbs down.  The Happy Heinys that we have owned and used for the same length of time haven’t had a single broken snap.

There was a brief period between 10 and 12 months when the FuzziBunz fit perfectly.  Previously they had been chronic leakers.  The fit just didn’t sit snugly on Pickles’ pickle-shaped legs.  I chalked it up to size and got used to having to throw stockings and pants in the wash with the diapers at every change.  A lot of our all-in-one diapers didn’t fit well around the leg when Pickles was fresh out of the flesh factory.

Now the FuzziBunz don’t just leak at the leg.  They leak right through the “waterproof” fabric.  After 13 months of use, they’ve self destructed.  After an hour or so liquid starts to seep through around the seams, then spreads to the entire bottom area.  The bed has been soaked.  We have been soaked.  Curses have been uttered.  A pox on both your houses, FuzziBunz!  A pox!

Wherein I love on BabyKicks some more

If I had a collection of exclusively fucking amazing cloth diapers, maybe BabyKicks’ diapers wouldn’t have been so quick to win my heart.  But amidst the FuzziBunz diaper apocalypse?  Oh yeah.  In comparison with diapers that are handmade of organic hemp/cotton blends and are really fucking cute and easy to use?  Oh oh yeah.  In exchange for a bit of writing, I get a new BabyKicks diaper every month.  While that means that I don’t have any long-term experience with their products, so far, I’m all like: “BabyKicks?  Fuck yeah.”  Exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point.

Last month I received a BabyKicks Organic One Size Fitted Diaper. Oo la la.  Though I was initially disappointed that I needed to use a cover with this one (a fact that somehow escaped me when ordering), I’m over it now.  This diaper is awesome.  Absorbency is everything in a cloth diaper, and this diaper is absorbent.  The snaps are the reverse of what I’m used to, so that was awkward at first, but otherwise, this has become my new favorite night time diaper.  The terry cloth-esque fabric looks comfy, the brightly colored snaps are cute, and the thing keeps the pee in.  What more could I ask for?  And I’m still crushing hard on the black Premium Pocket Diaper that I mentioned last month.

Meanwhile on the front

While I’m enjoying our new diapers, I am not enjoying changing Pickles.  At all.  When she was an infant, diaper changes meant incessant screaming, which eventually faded into pleasant singing time, which has now been replaced by squirming screaming war time.  She doesn’t want me to take off her diaper.  She doesn’t want me to put on her diaper.  She’s rather scream and writhe and rub poop all over herself and the bed.  Does the fun ever start?!

The key is to be fast.  Which is hard with snaps and impossible with prefolds.  Because I usually use prefolds (one cotton prefold plus onehemp/cotton blend prefold plus one hemp insert) at night these days, we have a battle every single night.  The other key, if you can’t be fast, is to be distracting.  My phone has become old hat.  A bottle of milk is all I have left in my hand.  When she gets tired of that I’m screwed.  Which is why I am stocking up on diapers that don’t require snappis or snaps.

Did any of you cloth diaper users reading have the squirming problem?  And if so, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?  Or was diapering just even more annoying until potty training?

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  1. Ack! The squirming! Have you gotten the hang of stand-up diaper changes? When the squirming is just out of hand, I can even change a poop diaper standing up, as long as I’ve got a good supply of wipes lined up.

    I also made up the Diaper Changing Blues for my first kid, who just lost his ever lovin’ mind at every diaper change. Sometimes it made him laugh and calm down, but it always helped me. It went something like, “My name is [Baby]. I have a dirty butt. My name is [Baby], I have a dirty butt, but you can’t change me! Lord, no! Cuz I’ve got the…diaper changin’ blues.”

  2. Rachel: Yeah I have the standing change down, but it has reached a point where she refuses even that. It’s like I come anywhere near her with a diaper and SHE’S PISSED. AHHH. SO PISSED! RUN AWAY. Hahaha. I love the diaper changing blues.

  3. Same problem here with the leaking.With different kinds of diapers also. I found on a forum that it is due to the stitching in the pul layer of the fabric. After a while the pul will not be waterproof around the stitching. As a solution they recommend to put the diapers in a hot dryer for about 30/40 minutes. I did and it seems to be better but not solved all the way. So i bought a couple of totsbots flexible covers (they are very very flexible and waterproof thats what you need) and use them as and extra waterproof layer on the “allinone” diapers. This way i save money buying new diapers and still can use all diapers i have.And i do not have to wash these covers often, i just let them dry.

  4. Mirjam: Well I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Good idea with just putting a cover over them. For some reason that didn’t even occur to me. Though it is still quite annoying that they would destruct so quickly and then need yet another product to keep them useable. Boo. I suppose that is a HUGE con for all in ones. Too bad I never heard about it before picking out our collection. Ah well, hundsight is 20/20 as they say…

  5. I have 3 kids and have learnt to change diapers whatever the kid decides to do, or not do. I just lay them down, speak firmly and put them back in position when they try to escape. I keep on talking cheerfully, maybe about what we’re going to do once the diaper has been changed, and I ignore screaming.

  6. Ellen: Well that sounds lovely. I wish I could change a diaper with one hand. That would make the whole thing a lot easier. Pickles’ squirming is very…forceful. There’s no way to get her to stay still without a second set of hands to hold her down. Her favorite move is the twist and flip. At which point I drop the diaper and she’s gone before I can catch her. Actually two pairs of extra hands would be ideal.

  7. We had some luck with counting to three to get the toddler to cooperate with a diaper change, but that was later when he was more verbal. I don’t remember him resisting much when he was younger.

    My other strategy was to force him down on his back on the floor and put my leg over him to hold down his torso and arms. I felt terrible doing it (although I managed never to hurt him, despite exerting a fair amount of force sometimes) so I would add cheerfulness to the situation by singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” at the top of my lungs. That song is long enough for most diaper changes, and for a very messy one it’s possible to sneak in some extra “fee fie fiddly I oh”s without the kid noticing. 🙂 The singing did seem to calm him, a little.

  8. ‘Becca: Hmm, the leg might be a good option. I don’t know if I’m flexible enough, but hell its worth a try. I have a few songs that I use at changing time as well, but they are only occasionally helpful. The novelty wears off a bit too quickly, and sometimes I am just not quick enough with those snaps.

  9. For the wiggeling problem you can use training pants as a water proof cover. They are like “big girl pants” that have no snaps and are easy(er) to put on while she is standing up.

  10. FuzziBunz almost did me in back when we first used them for our second and third children. They started out all awesome, no leaks, fit great. After just under a year, the elastic on the sides was so stretched out I was snapping them in bizarre ways just to tighten up the gaps. They had cost us so much money that we did not have, that I was determined to keep using them, even though by the time they were on kid number 3 they were leaking through the PUL fabric. I compensated by stuffing them with prefolds, and I used them until I literally just couldn’t stand it. Those still usable were sold, the rest, junked. We eventually went to prefolds or fitteds and covers, which is where we are at now with our youngest (now a year and a half old).

    As for squirming? That is an unconquerable thing, I think. Sometimes singing works, sometimes distracting with a book or a toy works, but most often it is a matter of getting the butt wiped, snappi fastened and the cover up over the diaper before a little foot kicks you in the face or dips itself in poop. Fortunately, you don’t end up wasting disposable diapers because they destroy the tape or kick it out of your hands, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that cloth diapers take a tad longer to change.

    Overall though? Potty training isn’t always easy either. On many occasions I have fervently wished a child who just peed themselves in the middle of a crowded public place on the very same day I forgot an extra change of clothes was still wearing diapers.

  11. Dana: Well I’m glad I’m not alone on that one. Though it would be better if none of us had to go through that disappointment with such a huge investment. BOO FUZZIBUNZ.

    We’re having the elastic problem too, though I do still have all the replacement elastic they sent with the diapers. Just haven’t bothered changing it. But still leaking remains the biggest problem. In my final analysis I think that prefolds and other diapers that need a cover are going to be what I recommend to others and my past and future selves. They are what I use at night for being the most absorbent, so why not during the day all the time too? But that is a post I wanted to write after Pickles was out of diapers, whenever that will be.

    Yeah I have to agree on the squirming. Snappis are my worst enemy when she’S all squirmy. Oh man. Then sometimes she’s totally chill and sometimes a song works. But more often I chase her around the bed, just barely getting the diaper on before she’s off again and the chase starts anew. And oh god, the foot in the poop. Hate that.

    True about potty training of course. And I don’t fondly remember wiping the butts of my four year old au pair charges. Though I am at least used to dealing with Pickles’ poop at this point. Being out and about is going to be the hardest. There are never any public toilets when I need one, let alone a kid who can’t hold it for as long!

  12. During the squiggly stage, pad folded flats in a velcro cover was the quickest for me. That or pockets (with elastic in the waste) pre-snapped and pulled on like underwear.

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