click clack gorilla on tiny house listings

Quotes from various tiny house dwellers about what tiny living changes about their lives, a few words of my own among them…

Living Blissfully in My Tiny Home

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  1. What a lovely collection of tiny houses. So much more variety! And, I think I am in love with that house below yours.Utterly gorgeous. I am bowled over.

  2. But hey! I notice you didn’t mention that you keep adding ‘wings’ to the original tiny house!! 😉 I hope you have a lovely Christmas and wish you a very healthy and happy 2012! (I have my fingers crossed it brings you lots of good sleep too)

  3. I emailed the link to my husband and he said – not for the time – that let’s live like that when we grow up.

  4. fiona: Haha, good point. I wonder if tiny house purists would really see my life as being that tiny. The whole tiny house community makes the dynamic so different though…with our communal “living room” wagen and bathroom wagen and the various kitchens and all. Though all the same, even if you counted my wagen, the Beard’s wagen, and the future baby wagen together, it would still be smaller than most apartments I think, though a hell of a lot bigger than the last apartment I paid out the nose for in Frankfurt!

    Sara: Awesome! Let me know if you ever do decide to make that a reality. I’d love to feature you!

  5. Thanks, I’ll keep you posted then 🙂 In actual fact our ‘growing up’ may keep until the kids – and our three dogs – have left the nest, although one never knows. The plan is to make it a reality when it’s just the two of us. A large part of me doesn’t really like this sort of compromise, and that’s why I’m keeping my eyes open and my thinking cap on even now.

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