click clack gorilla for president

Woot woot, peng peng, I’m in the running for “best of” over on DIY blog Love and Trash.

Being a web editor myself, I’ll be the first to point out that contests like these are usually more about the mutual linkage and the clicks than any sort of actual glory, but hell, I like to pet my ego and promote myself as much as the next freelance writer.

So! If you have a minute, pretty please click on over to Love and Trash and vote for “Click Clack Gorilla” to officially enshrine me among their best. (They are giving away prizes to people who vote…) Just click here, click the box next to “Click Clack Gorilla,” and click “vote.” Thanksthanksthanks!

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  1. Yohoo, thanks guys.

    Ian: I’m hoping to make it to Cologne. I’d say the odds are 95% in favor of my showing up. Yohoo! Can’t wait to meet you, assuming that you’re going to be there this year.

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