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I heart tiny houses. So you can imagine my surprise and exhilaration when I discovered that there are heaps of people out there who also love small dwellings, and not just the wägler.* People who are building bizarre-o, beautiful, unique little houses, and people who are blogging about them all over the internet. So many and so much so, that I’ve heard it called “the tiny house movement.” High fives for everyone!

Today This Tiny House featured my wagon project on their blog. If you’ve been a long-time Gorilla reader, you’ll probably recognize the pictures, but the whole thing is really charmingly put together, and I’m six shades of flattered to be featured there among some seriously gorgeous small-house porn. Mmmm. You should really visit their site and click through some of the incredible structures featured there. Like Handmade Rolling Homes (SWOON) and SunRay’s Gypsy Wagon (click here to see some of his other amazing work).

*Wägler is German for “people who live in the kind of trailer that I live in.”

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  1. Hi Nicolette,
    Lloyd Kahn has asked me to contact you about possibly using your trailer renovation story and several of your photos in our upcoming book on tiny homes. Please reply to us at
    You do wonderful work,
    Lew Lewandowski
    Shelter Publications, Inc.

  2. Congrats! I’m totally amazed at what you accomplished – on the top of my list of things I’d like to be better at is handiwork type projects, building/fixing things, or sewing. It’s hard to get the motivation though when you don’t have the necessity.

    Our house in Minneapolis is about 900 sq. ft., very small by most american standards, but plenty of room for us.

  3. Thanks Jen! And Lew, I’ve just emailed you.

    Frugal Vegan Mom: Yeah, I kind of had to be forced into learning all that stuff through the situation myself. Without this trailer project, I probably wouldn’t have gone out and learned how to do all this stuff just because. So, frustrating as it often was, I’m glad I got myself into it.

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