calling all ghost chasers, camera experts, and skeptics

Explanations are in order, and I have none to offer. Please fill the comments with your expert knowledge and philosophical musings.

Whatever the explanation, I think I feel an album cover coming on…

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  1. Did you notice how the “light-blob” seems to bend around the window frame slightly? Almost as if it was space constricted as it lingered above your head.

    The most logical explanation would be that the Makers Mark whiskey escaped the bottle and was shining above the imbiber. I now understand why they call hard liquor “spirits”.

  2. My best guess is a globule of moisture inside or on the camera lens. Or, is there a light fixture right there on the wall? The symmetry to me suggests water or light.

  3. Jill: We kept thinking water too, though I don’t know. If it was water, I don’t think it was on the camera lens. We only got the big blob once, but after taking at least a hundred more pictures (with various cameras) we did continue to get lots of little blobs, and always more when I was in the picture. Totally weird. Perhaps condensation in the air is the answer. What made it even easier to have fun contemplating the ghostly implications is that this picture was taken in an old church.

  4. Eyra: Well, there were four of us there, and we all took a hand at taking pictures and all got some variation of the weird-o orbs. And at the point the pictures were taken the whiskey had yet to begin to flow as freely as it did later in the night. Since the orbs appeared most of all when I was in the shot, well, apparantly I’ve got an aura made of sweat. Hahahahahahahahaha.

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