calling all expat bloggers in germany

Are you a blogger? Do you blog in English? Are you blogging from Germany but are originally from somewhere else? Then you’re probably an “ex-pat,” a term that refers to a person who has expatriated or left his or her country of birth. If you are an ex-pat, and you answered yes to all of the questions above, then you’re eligible to attend this year’s WEBUM (Whiney Expat Bloggers Unmissable Meetup).

If you’re an expat blogger, you can read more here. (Here being another website that I write for. Yipeekiyiyeah.)

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  1. I’ve always wanted to meet you in person. Did you go to the Munich meetup last year? I missed it. Hope to see you at the next one, wherever it is.

  2. I’m with Ian. I’ll vote for Frankfurt so that I get the chance to finally meet The Gorilla.

  3. Huzzah! I’m excited to meet the both of you. How grand it will be to finally have a real human being in front of me, instead of just a computer screen.

    I didn’t go to the Munich meet-up. Just heard about this at all a few weeks ago.

  4. Hallo Nicolette,

    ich bin Journalistik Student und plane gerade meine Abschlussarbeit – ein Radio Feature. Ich bin über einen Artikel auf auf dich aufmerksam geworden. Ich würde dich gerne für mein Feauture gewinnen und würde mich freuen, wenn du mir deinen Kontakt schicken könntest.

    Damien Berlinka

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