wohoo, it’s buy nothing day!

Ah, Thanksgiving behind us, and Black Friday ahead. In the United States today people will be flocking to stores to begin their Christmas shopping. Why anyone would actually leave their house and head to the mall on the one day when the stores are guarenteed to be over-crowded is beyond me. My high school best friend and I used to do so of our own free will. Gag.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when all Christmas shopping hell breaks loose in retail land. So folks interested in toning down the consumer-obsessed aspects of our society have chosen it as “Buy Nothing Day.” (In America “celebrated” on November 25th, internationally on November 26th.) Participation is easy. All you have to do is buy absolutely nothing for one day. And if you find yourself getting carried away on the tide of holiday cheer, you can even buy nothing the next day as well.

The adbusters website had this to say about “Buy Nothing Day” and “Buy Nothing Christmas”:

“This year, why not gather together your loved ones and decide to do things differently? With the simplest of plans you can create a new rhythm, purpose and meaning for the holidays. Why not take the spirit of Buy Nothing Day and morph it into Buy Nothing Christmas?

“With catastrophic climate change looming, we the rich one billion people on the planet have to consume less! And if that’s too extreme for grandma and the kids, try for a Buy Less Christmas. And maybe a buy local, buy fairer, buy indie Christmas. Whatever you decide, ’tis the season to reclaim our year-end celebrations and make them our own again.”

Hell’s yeah, amen, and here here. I’ll be wandering around Tilburg, Holland today eating Thanksgiving leftovers. And I don’t plan on buying a thing.

What do you think about buy nothing day? Are you going to participate?

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  1. It’s the first time I hear about it but oh yes why not, I wasn’t planning on buying anything today anyway 🙂 And I wasn’t going to buy a single christmas pressie, either. (And thank you for explaining Thanksgiving the other day, I never knew it was *not* about the harvest.)

  2. The concept of a “Buy Less Christmas” seems a more reasonable message to spread that just the day.
    Because people will fall into two camps – people like you and I, who would likely buy nothing anyway, and especially not from the fire sale sort of store.
    And those who take it literally, and then just do the same amount of shopping on a different day.

    I went out yesterday for a friend’s b-day and bought an appetizer and a local beer (http://www.surlybrewing.com/) at a lovely little locally owned vegan-friendly restaurant (http://www.senyai-senlek.com/) And didn’t feel bad about it at all.

  3. Not this US person. Actually, I try to eschew any kind of store during this month before Christmas because the traffic is maddeningly slow.

  4. Wooooo! One of my favorite holidays of the whole year. We have been kind of busy with a newish baby and the local Occupation, so we didn’t plan a Buy Nothing Day Party this year.

    We celebrated by hanging out as a family, eating leftovers in new creative ways, and one of us even made it out to a few mic checks at big box stores locally.

  5. The Flying Tortoise and I parked are parked up at a beautiful beach about thirty kilometres from the nearest shop… can’t imagine going near one for another couple of weeks at least… can’t even remember what one looks like…

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