building project number two: the hole in the wall

If you were gorilla-ing last summer, you might have read about how, once I got my new old wagon home I discovered that one corner was being eaten alive by nasty, foamy, yellow mold. I immediately cut out all the moldy bits and burned them, and the remaining wood got sprayed with evil chemical killer shit, just to be sure my house didn’t rot out from beneath my feet before I’d even moved in.

I started removing siding and insulating the walls, and the hole remained. I replaced a window and tested out interior paint colors, and the hole remained. Winter came, I gave up on building work for the season, and the hole remained.

I had come to dread the hole (and the consequent beam replacement that would need to precede it). I came to dread working on the wagon. As winter arrived, I felt like burning the wagon to the ground would have been better than lifting another finger in its name.

Then spring came, and one morning I woke up and discovered that my dread was gone. And I fixed the hole. Snowflake and I had replaced the necessary beam months before, on a warm winter’s day.

Before, from inside:

After, from inside:

(Now filled with handworkerly patience, I am considering re-doing the bit where I used the orange boards because it is pretty sloppy at the moment. The right side I filled in with original boards cut out of the area where we put in a large window.)

After, from outside:

Victory is mine:

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  1. did you spend all this bleeding cold and long winter with a hole in your wall?

  2. well, yes, but i don’t live in the wagon with the (ex)hole in the wall yet. i’m sharing a wagon with my lover until i finally get this one finished.

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