building project number one: the (not so) secret chamber

I am (more or less) finished building two woodsheds, and the next step is preparing my wagon for the 30 meter tractor ride to its new spot. But first I have to finish patching up the hole in the wall (left from cutting out a moldy bit) and replace the corner beam I started ripping out last fall (deteriorating from water damage) so that when she moves the walls don’t shift out of place too.

Project number one: finish closing up the hole in the floor. The reason the floor was still open was that I hadn’t yet finished my secret under-the-floor “cellar” box, for holding things like treasure, and wood. And as I’ve insulated it, it’ll probably also make a good refrigerator in the summer.

I built a box onto the bottom of the wagon, secured the remaining floor boards, built a little trap door, screwed on a handle, insulated it with styrofoam, covered the styrofoam up with an old Winne-the-Pooh carpet I found in the trash across the street, and wa-la! Below you can see the results.

From inside, open (and blurry, whoops):

Taken from outside and closed, as seen through the hole still in the wall:

For those of you who like details, the box is about 70 cm (length) by 40 cm (width) by 39 cm (height). Next project: close up the wall and replace the corner beam.

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