book obsession reaches new heights

I have become possessed.  If you’ve been reading Click Clack Gorilla for a while, shit, even if you’ve been reading since my last post about a book, then you know I’m an avid reader.  And for reasons I cannot quite pinpoint, that avid love has geared into passionate obsession mode in the last few weeks.  I want to be reading all the time, and when I’m not reading I want to be talking about books.  Or reading articles talking about books.  Or listening to podcasts talking about books (actually, just one podcast, Literary Disco, but I’d love to hear about more if you have any recommendations).  It is a god damned miracle that I have never been a part of a book club.  But I’ve never really liked having my next reading choice dictated by a group of people I have nothing in common with.  Even though just such an exercise would be certain to broaden my reading experience in a pleasant fashion.  Anyway.

All this is a round-a-bout way of telling you that in my search to discuss more literature with more people, I joined Goodreads.  And if you are on Goodreads and also want to talk a little more about books or hear me talk a little more about books, then let’s be friends.  Actually, I sometimes fantasy about facebook being exclusively about books and reading and writing and how much more awesome facebook would be if that was the case.  So far, Goodreads doesn’t seem to be quite as handy, but still, it has potential.  This is me.  Let’s take our virtual companionship to the next level.  Ha.

PS While we’re on the topic of social media, I have been meaning to ask: Are you the kind of crowd who would like it if there was a Click Clack Gorilla facebook page?  You know, links to relevant articles (relevant as in related to the sort of things I write about here), more blah blah, a home for the shorter-than-a-blog thoughts I have?  I sort of can’t imagine doing such a thing, but at the same time, I sort of can.  But the question is, can you?  Would you want to read such a thing?  Would you visit such a place?  Would it serve any purpose whatsoever?

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  1. I love goodreads. Although I’d use it more if I actually had a computer at home at the moment. It’s too easy to get completely lost in it and that’s not so good when you’re paying internet cafe rates for your online access. Have added you as a friend (different username from my bloglife though).

    I don’t do facebook so can’t offer an opinion on your other question other than to say it’s not something I’d use at all.

  2. I’d love if you had a Facebook page!

    Urgh, I keep trying to read but I just don’t get time. Even now I have my latest book, Hitch-22, sitting next to me but I can’t read with only one hand free (Nookie is sleeping in my lap with my other arm under her). I’ve been reading it since March and aren’t even half-way through. 🙁

  3. So much time has past since I last checked in and its been great catching up! I can’t believe how big Pickles has gotten! <3

    I sent a friend request to you on Goodreads and would love to follow you on facebook. It would be amazing to have posts/articles/videos ect on facebook to check out.

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