black diamond express train to hell: a new album and a video

Huzzah! At long last the day has come. I am in Frankfurt with Black Diamond Express Train to Hell recording a new album, carving our new songs into the pavement so we can finally share them with people wide and far. Not to mention FINALLY bring out an album after two years of schlepping around the same old demo, despite having made enormous leaps and bounds since musically. See, that “huzzah” was well earned.

While we were spending the weekend frantically polishing almost-finished new songs for the album, a nice fellow came by to record some of it for his series “They call it local.” By Monday the video was ready, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Of course, it’s in German, but for those of you who don’t speak the language, there are also quite a few snippets of songs that will be debuting on the album. Plus a most excellent view of my serious bed head during the interview segments. Cheers.

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  1. The music sounds really good. You have a beautiful voice. It’s not the sort of stuff I would generally listen to, but I know good music when I hear it. Genuine and simple and beautiful.

    However, despite more than five years learning German at school, and finishing with a grade A almost at the top of my class, I still speak almost no German, and understand even less. Ah the joys of school (but that’s a discussion for another day). Either way I loved the music bits. 🙂

  2. es freut mich euch zu sehen und auf deutsch zu hören! ihre musik ist toll!

  3. Love the music! I wish I could speak German so well as you. Having a year or more with a class has made my already badly learned language poor.

    Ich habe ganz alles vergessen aber am Ende Januar werde ich schon wieder bei der Goethe Institut vermeldet. Die Klasse war zu Ende weil sie werde mehr akademisch! Ich habe kein Deutsch in der Schule gelernt und ich war selbst gelehrt, so sehr wenig Grammatik! Die Sprache ist ziemlich besser aber manchmal (nay oft) habe ich die Endungen und Worten/Verben vergessen. Das ist fuer heute genug.
    Alles Gut fuer das Geburt!

  4. ya, cool music! hearing that music with lyrics being sung in german is a bit ungewöhnlich – as you have said.

    Having followed your blog on young germany it gives me hope that my german will improve, although not to the level of yours likely, living in canada and not being married to a native speaker notwithstanding. you seem very comfortable speaking it. understanding bits of the interview like where the name came from and how it suited your band made me happy. it would be cool to hear more from you, though perhaps your personal blog isn’t best suited to those types of things.

    Alles Beste

  5. Peter: But the lyrics aren’t in German! (I can’t write in German for crap.) Just the interview bits. 🙂 I don’t get filmed auf Deutsch often, but I’m sure the next time we get interviewed I’ll post it here and you’ll get to hear some more. Best of luck on your German learning journey! Glad you could understand a lot of the interview!

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