bike hulk says: baby bike trailers win all the awards

Sometimes I forget how great being on a bike can make you feel.  How exhilarating it can be.  Like, for example, when you don’t ride a bike for two years because you’re pregnant (and then too nauseous and then too spacey and then too enormous and keep kneeing yourself in the belly when you try to peddle) and then because your freshly squeezed newborn doesn’t do anything but scream when you try to use the bike trailer.  I forgot then.

But Pickles doesn’t hate the bike trailer anymore.  Now she tolerates it for up to two hours at a time.  Now it almost always puts her to sleep for a 40 minute nap that she wouldn’t have taken at home (which, much to my surprise, seems to be resulting in better and more sleep nights, weird).  Glory glory hallelujah, I am no longer a slave to the Deutsche Bahn.

Not that I don’t like the Deutsche Bahn.  I love the Deutsche Bahn.  Public transportation in Germany wins all the awards from me.  But it can still be a hassle.  And it still costs more money than I’d like to be spending on something I could be doing for free (2.60 a pop, 6.somethingorother for a day pass, 9.80 for a group day pass).  Because of the lay of the tracks and the waiting and the walking time, I am actually faster than the train when it comes to going into the city.  (A sentence that makes me feel like the bike hulk.  Heh.)

Now I go out of my way to find reasons to go for a ride, places to journey out to.  Like today, when I was here:

The ride took me to a village to the north of Frankfurt, and the way was almost entirely through fields that looked like this, on paved bike paths where I met the occasional walker, dog, or fellow cyclist.  The weather looked mean (it was faking), so only a handful of people had braved the backsides of their doors.  And the city lurked off in the background, far away from us.

Judging from the kilometer count, it should have taken me 30-40 minutes to find my way to my friend’s apartment this morning.  But it turned out that Google maps had invented a path, and I did a lot of backtracking and stopping to check the map.  In the end I was almost 2 hours in getting there.  But it was a lovely ride.


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  1. Totally jealous of the bike paths/lanes in Germany. They say Mpls is a bike friendly city, but it’s nothing compared to there. I love riding around by myself but would be nervous on our streets with the kiddo. =(.

  2. I def appreciate it a hell of a lot, especially right now. Before I rode on the road most of the time myself, as I find drivers more attentive then pedestrians and the bike lanes are often one with the sidewalk. But being able to go so many places with barely any actual road time is the frickin best. Germany has def got that bit right.

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  4. I love bikes and especially with a helmet) – I learned that the not-hard-enough way…
    On another topic: I found another person who learned language through music for you: for today

  5. We kindof skipped the bike trailer and went straight for a big cargo bike from the Netherlands. I bought it in Amsterdam and we cycled home on it along the Rhine.

    It has the same effect as a tall bike (people stop and stare, happy children etc) but you can carry stuff.

    Right now it is loaded with a pallet for the garden which will be delivered when the rain lays off…

  6. Hello Nikki. The Bakfiets (the long one with the box on front) cost about €2000 four years ago. Usually car drivers make their pre “I’d want a motor for that” smirk, until I sak how much their car costs in maintenanc, tax and fual per month. Then they get the point.
    If you are going to the Netherlands you may see some bikes like mine: they are common there and I bought mine in Amsterdam.

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