beneath the willows beside the sea

We came out of our last lovely weekend in Holland with a video to share.  Finally.  We always talk about videos, but at the end of the day, we’d rather try to get the next song finished then run around with cameras.

So behold:  Beneath the Willows, a new song that you’ve only heard if you’ve seen us in concert lately.  It is about all the fucked up mysogyny in old time country music, and how we need to be writing new stories for a new century, free from dudes killing ladies because they won’t sleep with them.  Or at all.  It was inspired by this.

So, here we are, in all our dirty glory.  Particularly Baby Pickles.  Who needs toys when dirt is free?!

Battenkill Ramblers PIrate Sessions – Beneath the Willows from Nicolette Stewart on Vimeo.

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