baby pickles and mama gorilla: the first two weeks

Hot damn.  I bitched and I moaned, and now I’ve finally arrived at the long awaited moment: I’m no longer pregnant!  Hallelujah and wow.  (!!!)  Despite the operation recovery process and the 20 cm scar that has me walking even more slowly than I was while prego, I feel great.  Breast feeding is going well, and I don’t even have sore nipples.  I can lay on my back again.  Pickles is healthy.  I don’t have to get up fourteen times a night to pee.  I’ve already dropped 22 of the 33 pounds I gained in the last nine months.  And if I wanted to, I could even drink a beer.  A beer!  Wow.  Did I say that already?  Well three time’s a charm.  WOW.  Life is good.

As I type this Pickles is asleep on my chest, the little dash in our lower-case “t.”  It seems to be one of her favorite spots, and since I keep putting her there, I guess it must be one of mine.  She’s generally pretty mellow, though she does the occasional “I’m going to scream until I’m red in the face for no discernible reason, and then suddenly become calm for further indiscernible reasons so take that people who forced me out of the comfortable, warm water cave where I could do acrobatics and was constantly supplied with food and drink and brought me into this horrible, gravtiy-ruled world!”  She doesn’t much like having her diaper changed, and when the midwife suggested that today we give her her first bath, she didn’t much like that either.

And, have things been going as I expected?  Well, no.  I expected to be getting a lot less sleep.  (We’re averaging at seven hours a night, an interrupted seven hours for breast feeding of course, but still, seven hours!  I was expecting to be getting about two during this period.)  I also expected to be wearing her around more.  But one carrier she doesn’t like and another carrier I can’t figure out and the third carrier she’s much too small for (might be the problem with the one I can’t figure out as well).  So I’m ordering one of those wrap things (anyone have any experience with those they want to share?  much obliged).  I avoided them while shopping for baby stuff because I thought they looked complicated.  Now they look like potential salvation.  I don’t want to spend all my time finding amusing places for Pickles to lay while I go about my business; I want to carry Pickles around while I go about my business.  Particularly since my daily life usually involves running back and forth between at least two different trailers.  Fingers and toes locked in a crossed position.

because i had to go there

Remember this picture?


How the hell did all that ever fit in my stomach?  And is she, in fact, plotting my demise, Stewie-style?  The eyes say yes.  The hat says yes please.

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  1. I got on amazingly well with a wrap-type sling (like these: ) – once I learnt how to tie it, it was great – totally adjustable as my child grew & I still used it when he was well into toddlerhood.
    I had a ring-type sling but found it a killer on my back & neck as all the weight was located at the rings & the shoulder the rings are held on – it also wasn’t as easy to do other stuff whilst wearing it.

    The wrap slings mean that baby’s resting on your chest & both your hands are free (yeay! I found freedom – I could actually prepare some food or use the computer with 2 hands!)- although it did feel like being pregnant again with bubba strapped to my front!

  2. My friend used one with her second and LOVED it and it made me wish I had had one. It needs a couple of practices but then you are off and running. From her experience I would highly recommend it.

  3. A friend of mine got her wrap/sling/thing from and loves it; she says (a) it’s really snug and warm and (b) it isn’t as hard to tie it as it looks. She’s using it a second time round now which says a lot. And I say, my word is Madame Pickles one cute evil-plotter.

    Also, I don’t know what your tattoo is of but in that picture it totally looks like you have a monster trying to claw its way out of your trousers.

  4. hahahaha.

    several of my friends have used the wrap thing and loved it but i can’t offer much more than that at the moment.

  5. Jo: Yeah, one of the carriers that I can’t figure out is a ring sling. No clue what I’m supposed to be doing there, but I’m wondering if the thing is maybe just too big. Either way it looks like it’s really bad news for backs, so I suppose I should be glad.

    I am so f-in excited about having free hands again. Oh my god.

    Fiona: Well, fingers crossed then.

    Frau Dietz: Hahahaha. No monster (though I did want to get a ship being taken down by a sea monster tattooed on the other leg) on my leg. It’s actually a spring onion. Heh.

    Fishie: Gotta love the mini hat.

  6. That is wild. She is adorable. That face is definitely a “what the fuck are you doing with that weird thing in my face?” look.

  7. I’ve read online where people have made their own slings out of long strips of fabric with minimal sewing. BTW – your baby is really cute!

  8. Yes, her small size is likely the problem with the ring sling. We had a Maya Wrap, which was great once he could lie in it across my tummy as if in a hammock–but for the first month or so, he was so small that the fabric would close over his face in that position and he would freak out. So the only way I used it in the first month was to stand him up in the pouch and wad kitchen towels on both sides of him to hold him upright; he liked to watch me wash dishes from that position.

    Congratulations on the lovely baby, successful breastfeeding, and feeling good!

  9. she is so cute! i love that hat. that is so cool that you took a pic of her with it in the belly and now in the outside world:)

  10. We used a wrap. It was a long piece of fabric that stretched only in the short direction (it is hard to maintain a shape that will hold a baby if it stretches the long way too much). Ours was a gift. However, people often said “Oh you could have made that.” What I loved about it was that depending on what position your kid likes to be in there is a wrap set up for that. My kid always wanted to be head up, no side lying slings for him.

    There was a lot of watching instructional videos on the internet over and over; then practicing with the wearer, the baby and a spotter to catch and to adjust (and then repeat as many times as necessary). The wrap origami changes with baby size and abilities. At the beginning of learning each origami it would be painstakingly slow and I could not fold without dragging the tails on the floor or in the mud. But by the end I could fold like a pro and he could even nurse while being carried around. And we are planning to use the sling again with the next little one.

    Congrats on the sleep and the nursing! Big victories!

  11. My goddaughter was hating on diaper changes until it was suggested that the cold may be getting to her. Is there a way you can warm up whatever you’re wiping her with?

  12. That is the most adorable hat!

    I have to second the wrap sling…I never used one when my other kids were really tiny, but it has been a great discovery this time around. I have a Moby and a Sleepy, but I seem to like the Sleepy better right now because it is stretchy and comfortable, kind of like wrapping my baby in a cozy tshirt that happens to be strapped to me. I still feel like the Moby is stiff and doesn’t lay well on my shoulders.

    Miss Pickles looks like she is adjusting to this planet mighty fine….you are doing great as a Mama already!

    ps. This is silly, but perfect. I thought of you when I saw it today:

  13. Oh, she looks like you in the upper picture. 🙂
    As to the wrap thing: I had a sort of small sling for when the baby was very small. I put it over one shoulder and then put the baby in a kangaroo in a pouch. Later, I had an insanely long wrapping thing that was complicated to tie for the first three times and then I loved it.
    The second one was one of those:

    I’d send you mine I passed it on to another new mother years ago. I guess countless babies have burped up in it by now.

  14. Wrap sling is the the bomb!!! you can wander the co-op while breastfeeding when needed (especially handy when you are onto #2 baby while still chasing down #1 toddler). And as she grows you just adjust the sling. I swear my daughter spent the first 2 years of her life strapped to my body one way or another with a very simple sling. She’s now 15.
    Many congrats to you on your successful delivery of what is obviously, the cutest baby in the world. I love your blog and am so glad there are parents like you in the world!!!!!!
    rock on sister.

  15. Aww she looks such a cutie. I’m so glad you’re getting some sleep and enjoying motherhood so much.
    And that hat is just marvellous!

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