around the platz, april 2014

Wow guys. I finally posted something that even those having trouble seeing my new posts could actually find, and all the “we missed you” and “yeys” I heard in return were awesome. Thanks for the high fives. Back at you.

Today I’ve got a few more photos of life on the Platz, though at this point they are a bit old. Instead of freshly agitated dirt, we have grass so green it looks fake. The herb garden is flourishing (and possibly saved the lives of the two sage plants I raised from seed).  So yeah, old news, and I’ll have to get new photos in the works, but hey little steps.  At least now you’ll get to see the progession.  Spring is the best time of year at a Wagenplatz.

For those you you who still can’t see the newest posts without a link from that damn year in books post, I’ve listed all the posts of 2014 below for you to get clicky with.  As well as a few morsels from Book Punks, my new book blog.  Huzzah.

The herb garden.  All these rocks were just laying around the property.

A new porch!  It still needs a few details and better steps, but they are on their way.

Like I said, all that is brown in this photo is now bright green.  The rocks have been replaced by mulch.  It is SO good.

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  1. I am not able to see any of your photos, is there a setting I need to change. Glad to see youa re blogging again

  2. Linda: Nope, looks like photobucket is somehow broken. SIGH. More stuff broken. Must switch site over really fucking soon.

  3. Can’t see nothing either, though it’s nice you’re back on! 🙂

  4. Well, I have to right-click on the blank photobucket photo square and select “open image in new tab,” and THEN I can see the pix. Awkward, but it works. Lookin’ good around the platz!

  5. Hi, I made some comments last nite tired under Nov. I love your pictures! I’m just so curious. I have so many questions. I would love to see pictures of other wagens or outside pictures. When you wash your towels and dry them outside do they dry stiff and rough? If there is a freeze do you stock pile food? Do you have a fire extinguisher? Do others in your community gave more amenities? Do you have to keep things locked up? Would the fire department have amenities to use if needed? What about home/health insurance? When we go camping I feel dirty, do y’all? How do you divide the water, sewage bills? Are there any rules? How about receiving mail? What if an emergency occurred, do y’all have a plan? Could ambulances get into your community? Is there a president or someone to dispute for arguments like if someone hung a Nazi flag or porn outside? What happens when someone gets diarrhea and can’t make it to the toilets?Do you ever work extra hours to buy something expensive that you really want? What is truly daily life and do you work more manually for survival instead of teaching more? Just tohhave your own hours? I love your book shelf’s, but wouldn’t Kindle give you more space? Just wondering about these things…….. May love and peace be with you. 🙂

  6. Love your wagenz and am impressed with your building abilities! And storage abilities!

  7. More thoughts….. in Texas we have deadly snakes, poisonous Vernon, rats, mice, spiders and now we have west Nile mosquitoes. Feral animals with rabies, coyotes and wolves, bed bugs, and fire ants, bee’s and wasps….. Do you have these issues? Why do you not have a screen or storm door? Or fixed cats or dogs? Have you thought of raising goats for milk or chicken’s for eggs? How about getting a tablet because now you can watch TV on them?,……..what about lice from the garbage or food poisoning? How do you keep all the dust off of everything? Would you be allowed to have a small Rv or a ready made shed for amenities? Do you suffer from allergies? We do. Could you connect all wagenz together for a solid unit? Have you thought about a crock pot! It uses very litttle energy? Or about fans during the summer….or outside? Mainly I’m interested in cleaning, cooking, and bodily health, and cleaning? What do you sterilige with? Do you buy things online like the mama pads, or commercial items? Do you have home/health insurance? Just thoughts…..

  8. Plus, we face tornados and flash flooding that kill. Does Germany have these issues? Winds here can take off roofs and destroy mobile homes. A lot of people have safe rooms or underground storm shelters. Also, have you ever bought fresh seasonal veg/fruits to can? Just some thoughts…..

  9. Sorry, flood gates of thought……why not get a small flat screen TV that is energy smart? Or at least a microwave, a space heater, heated electric blankets, a toaster oven or fans as needed and used in moderation? This winter we dropped below freezing. At 19 degrees, we kept our thermostat at 30 so pipes wouldn’t bust and because of our electric blankets our bill was about $130 for a 2 story home, 2400 square feet with a family of four. We insulated doors, windows, electric sockets, water heater, and wore warm clothes like jogging pants, socks, etc., plus we have an electric water heater…… Those things do save money and resources……

  10. Jennifer: My goodness, your curiousity knows no bounds huh? I don’t have time to answer all of those questions, but I can at least tackle the first two. Yes, towels that are air dried are stiff. It doesn’t matter to any of us. Sometimes we use a dryer that another neighbors has. And of course we have a fire extinguisher.

    Sorry to leave you hanging, but time is fleeting at the moment. But I think you’ll find a lot of your questions answered if you read through some of the older blogs, particularly in the tine house or wagenplatz categories.

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