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Apocalypse Books is zine/used book distro in Germany that focuses on diy how to (zines for the apocalypse!), travel stories, squatting (and sneaking), and sticking it to The Man. This is our catalogue. UPDATE: I am no longer running this distro, so consider this an exhibit in the museum of things past and passed. We had a good run.

The Art and Science of Billboard Improvement
At Daggers Drawn
Autonome – Decentralized Resistance in Cold War Germany 1968-1990 Part One
Autonome – Decentralized Resistance in Cold War Germany 1968-1990 Part Two
Autonomia – A History of the Italian Ultra Left of the 1970s
Barefoot and in the Kitchen of Our Own Accord 1
Barefoot and in the Kitchen of Our Own Accord 2
Big Hands 4
Big Hands 5 1/2
Big Hands 6
Brew Not Bombs Baltimore BIY Brew It Yourself
Burning the Anarchist Bible
Click Clack Gorilla 1
A Chorus of Verses
Cracking the System
GM Crop Decontamination
Dirt and Cheese 1
Dirt and Cheese 2
DIY Guide II (CrimethInc)
Do or Die
Doris 21
Doris 22
Doris 23
Doris 24
Down With Empire, Up With Spring – Part II The Four Tasks
Dwelling Portably May 1999
Dwelling Portably September 2002
Fences and Windows
Fertility Awareness for Non-Invasive Birth Control
The Ghetto Garden
Health and Safety at Militant Actions
Herbal Abortion
Infiltration – Secret Stations, Exploring Subway and LRT Tunnels
Infiltration – Under Construction, The Sheppard Subway and Festival Hall
Infiltration – Paris Catacombs, Italian Subways, Scottish Rail Tunnels
Intellectual Property Is Theft
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Menace 4
Menace 6
Menace 8
Menace 9
Moshtrogen Sisterhood
(Anti) Sex Tips for Teens
The Nighttime Gardener’s Guide
Oragnic Gardening: A DIY Guide
Piece Now, Peace Later
Please Don’t Feed the Bears – A Vegan Cookzine
Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters
The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself
The Road to Either Or
Rough Guide to Bike Maintenance
Said the Pot to the Kettle
Steam Punk Magazine 1
Steam Punk Magazine 2
The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages 1-12
Survival Without Rent
This Time We Fight Back 1
Towards a Less Fucked Up World – Sobriety and the Anarchist Struggle
The Underbelly of the Sun
Walking the Edge of Insanity
White Shark Tales
Urban Nomad

If you want to submit your zine or book for distribution, trade zines, order zines, or buy me a beer, contact me in the comments here (that’ll get my your email address for further scheming). It should roughly fit into the distro description above or just be completely, irrististably fucking awesome. I prefer piracy, that is, getting one copy from you, and copying as needed for future distribution because it’s easier for me and, in the end, means more people get to read the sweet stuff that you wrote about that time in that place doing that stuff and the way I see it, that’s the whole point. So. Until then.

Yours for the apocalypse,
Click Clack Gorilla

5 Comments on “apocalypse books

  1. i looove seein my name up there with all those greats. feel like im in a rock n roll hall of fame, yo! rock n roll zine h.o’.f.! 🙂

  2. Oooh, I wanna make a zine. And I want some of those zines, but I’m kind of financially challenged for the moment…

  3. hello,
    i make a zine called prevailing nonsense, and just finished issue number four.
    its kinda political, kinda funny, kinda sad, and full of pen and ink drawings cause thats what i love to do. (it also sticks it to the man). 20 pages, legal size folded in half. can i send you some?

  4. My name is jim banks and i have a zine comic that i would like you to distribute. The zine comic is called Doctor Leviathan and is a horror zine that im sure your cuastomers would love to get. You can check out our website and see our zine comic called Doctor Leviathan or we can send you a sample copy. I hope to here from you and we have other distros that carry our zine comic also.

    website – leviathancomics.com

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