another little trash shed

One of my pals prefers to heat with wood briquettes (as opposed to wood). So she usually orders a little bit of fire wood, and a whole lot of wood briquettes. But this year she didn’t order quite enough fire wood. So she did what all of us really should be doing all year long: she drove the tractor to the big university trash corral, brought home a huge load of pallets, sawed them into tiny pieces, built a shed out of some scavenged stuff she had around, and filled it up with sawed pallet bits. Free heat! I spent most of the summer fantasizing about doing just that. But now I can’t lift a pallet onto the table saw, so I guess I’ll be waiting until next year. And giving my friend high fives. Here are some photos of her pretty little trash shed:

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  1. what a lovely shape on the roof, like a little train carriage.
    I miss scavenging. Last Winter we collected all our wood from the beach and I spent many happy hours sawing frantically at huge trees and dragging ever larger pieces back to the van.
    It’s different in Bulgaria; there’s nothing available to scavenge, not in the same way. Not the same kind of disposable culture for one…..and a lot more people competing for what gets thrown away.

  2. HYSTG: well i guess that’s a good thing, that less throw-away cultures still abound not so far away. though it certainly does make living by the seat of your pants a lot harder. hope things there are going well!!

  3. it’s different here, that’s for sure; I’m still getting my head round it.
    Thing is, I’m not sure whether they’re not a throwaway culture because they want to be…or whether people simply can’t afford to waste things…and that’s not neccessarily a good thing. I can see how UK, France, Germany, Spain etc must seem like paradise….while we’re busy trying to change that paradise for something else.
    -Thoughts in progress, that’s for sure-

    One thing I like here is that the ‘Made In China’ product is still a novelty; people still joke about low quality products flooding the market. In Britain we barely notice; manufacturing broke down years ago so it’s just a fact of life, buy something cheap, it’ll eventually break so, quick, buy another one. It’s inured.

    Riding past the Romanian army defence base in the Delta…..someone had sprayed Made In China on the concrete wall surrounding the ground to air missiles.

  4. Brava! to human ingenuity. I like finding things in the trash, I like turning them into new things better.
    Along those lines, just got done watching a movie I imagine you’d love. Have you seen Micmacs yet? The heroes are scavengers, squatters, artists, and makers all.

  5. Wood is sometimes treated with stuff that, when burned, makes some toxic stuff. Hard to know with the pallets. Not safe to just burn random stuff without being sure if it was ever treated or what the wood was once used for.

  6. HYSTG: Yeah, I think you’ve got it right that “we,” in part, have created a sort of paradise of abundance with the society we’re in right now. But we’ve done it in such unhealthy ways, in ways that are going to turn out to really bite us in the ass, that I would still say what we’re fighting for isn’t getting out of paradise, but making it a paradise on more than just the surface.

    It’s cool that the whole “made in China” armies of little plastic uselessness haven’t taken over there yet. Good for them. Seems like the world would be such a better place if it wasn’t filled with so many bullshit plastic knick knacks.

    Rachele: I haven’t heard of that movie. Going to go see what the internet has to say to me about it right now. Thanks!

  7. Nice little trash shed! I’m still trying to picture your friend driving a tractor to the University to get pallets, and driving it back with a load. Pics of that would be awesome!

    By thw way, I was searching my feed data and saw someone plagiarized your article that linked to mine about Karl. (the link is bellow). If you have WordPress, the plugin “Prevent Copy Blogs” is great against that type of theft. Good luck!

  8. Kernut: I can so make pictures of that happen. I heart riding our tractor around to pick up free fire wood. Might already have some hanging around somewhere…

    Thanks for the tip on the plagarism, but…that’s my blog too! 🙂 Sometimes I post relevant stuff that I write on here on my band’s website/blog and vice versa.

  9. Hi Nikki, can I call you Nikki? I supposed proper introductions should be made before I just start jumping making assumptions of what I can and cannot address you as. I’m Marcus, and I also happen to be one of those people who would rather watch a movie than read a book, because I really just don’t have the attention span to read an entire book, when I can watch the movie in a little over an hour… better or not. I loved the movie Dracula through and through, I found the book at my grandmas in pristine condition… for the life of me I never made it past chapter 3 even though the book is vastly different and I enjoy the style, it just… well I don’t know… I’m one of THOSE people…

    Anyways I think its more or less just your style of writing the casual laid back fun feeling in your writing but I’m pretty well addicted to your blog, I’m on the 27th page, and while at first I was kind of reading the odd couple posts per page I’m totally addicted. I do kind of get a bit of a chuckle as there a few posts where you must have been MIA and were making up excuses of some sort. Its nice to read in it in retrospect as I don’t have to wait for the next post and honestly I’m almost afraid of coming to the end… or rather the beginning.

    I find your dumpster diving adventures kind of fun and quirky, I remember days when I was young growing up I lived in a trailer court with my mother beside a landfill. My cousins and I would run over “exploring” and scored a bunch of sweet banana seat bikes, and various other odds and ends from there. Drove my mom up the wall. I wonder how different your life would be with out dumpster finds. I am a firm believer that 100 years or what ever it takes from now, that landfills will be the most expensive land as there are gross amounts of methane released as well as all the copper, gold, silver, plastics, etc that will be found there.

    Anyways I’m babbling But I wanted to say awesome blog… kinda wish there was more in the way of pictures, oh and I also like to hear the life in the day of’s

  10. Marcus: Well thanks. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the ole blog. I think without the possibility to dumpster dive I would simply have a more parred down lifestyle. For now I enjoy the decadence that the trash provides. Hope to see you around more in the future!

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