and you, sir?

Whoa! Holy clicks Batman. On Saturday 101 people looked at this blog. 101! That’s the most clicking I’ve gotten in one day to date. I average about 50 views a day, which is probably peanuts in the blog world, but which boggles my mind on a daily basis.

Who are you people? And what is going on with the sudden jump in views? Did someone send out some email referral love? (My stat counter shows no new referring websites…) I demand that you reveal yourselves so that I can shower you with rose petals and kisses.

But seriously folks, you know so much about me, and me, I know so little about you. You read my drafts and your comments make me smile. I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this, and I think it’d be fun to give it a try. Tell us who you are in the comments of this post. Not like your name and address who you are, but a little something something to quench my (and perhaps other readers’) curiosity about the company we are keeping together in this virtual place. Do you write things too? Do you like chocolate cupcakes? Are you a submarine captain? Is your favorite color purple? Do you live in a sweet little shack? Do you sing when you’re cooking? Can you play the singing saw?

Both fictional and non-fictional responses encouraged. My stammering curiosity awaits fodder. And as always thanks for reading and commenting and filling my writing life with more than a computer screen. Click click click clack!

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  1. I found you because your most recent post about nannying popped up in my google alert for “typewriter”. I now follow you, because you seem like a kindred soul and I kind of wish I could steal your life.

    I am Julia Eff. I’m 18, live in the economic black hole of Detroit (one budget cut away from being Thunderdome!), I have a passion for retrotech and could be classified as ‘goth’ although I think I’m more of a gothy, grungey, punk-metal hybrid creature. I like wearing tiaras to work at my shitty editorial assistant job at the shitty paper. I make zines and drink too much tea and I love your blog. Hi. :]

  2. You got about 57 unique viewers when I ‘stumbled’ your Beware The Typewriter post. πŸ™‚ Check out – it points traffic to various topics from all over the world.

    I hope that someday I’ll write something as stumbleworthy as your adventure.

  3. hey. so I’ll start. started reading your blog after someone posted it on your blog always comes up when I search for some wagen-related stuff on my browser, cause I bookmarked some text here.. i like your writing alot, and share your excitement for exploring abandoned buildings and interesting sperrmull and dumpsters.
    So I pass by quite regulary.. probably it brings back the good old platz-spirit. sadly, I don’t live in my wagen anymore (at least at the moment) but in an old house that other people probably would refuse to even squat, so I too experience everything you write about winter, chopping wood and frozen veggies in the kitchen.. I miss wagenlife though..
    I don’t write (for the public) and do not blog, but I draw and paint and craft.. trying to avoid wage-work whenever possible and work to improve my creative skills in crafting and designing nice stuff to make a modest living. never want to work for bosses again. until now I am quite good at it for the past seven years!

    whenever I get a homepage running I’ll pass you a link. keep up your nice work here. see’ya.

  4. you know i’m singing when i’m cooking!
    think i read saturday as well, cause a couple of days my firefox-update-scanner-add-on was finally updated. so maybe your counter counts also, when my update scanner looks daily on your blog to check if there is something new?
    liebe grüße aus wien!

  5. Hallo Nikki,
    I’m a student of history and journalism (not so far north from your place). Some years back I somehow got interested in how expats perceive Germany, what they like, what drives them crazy etc. Particularly Americans, of whom there are/where many in this area (mostly military). I remember talking to an American soldier on the train to Frankfurt a few years back; he had just come from Iraq and was looking for an apartment outside his base; I pointed him to an expat website for advice.
    Anyway, I found your blog through an expat blog directory. Most of these blogs are written by students or by women either married to a German or accompanying their husband on a company assignment, so your blog sure sticks out. I like your writing and much of what you have to say about the environment, consumerism etc. Your way of life is quite interesting too and I asked myself if I could possibly pull off something like that, maybe minus the dumpster raiding.
    I hope you’ll keep writing and won’t be intimidated by loads of strangers visiting your blog! (In that case you probably shouldn’t have started a blog in the first place)

  6. Hi Julia! Hi Matt! Hi Hey! Hi Anton! Hi Jan! Thanks for all the responses. It is fascinating to know who is perusing these pages. (And no, Jan, I am not intimidated by the idea of lots of people reading my writing, just rabidly curious as to who said readership is.) Matt: It seems you may be responsible for the huge jump in views then. Consider yourself showered with rose petals and smooches. As can anyone else who spreads the good gorilla word. Google searches can be so random. I never would have thought that the word typewriter would pull up that bit about nannying.

    At any rate, glad to meet you all. Oh and hey, Hey, there’ll be a post with some abandoned building pictures up tomorrow.


  7. I found you on someone’s blogroll. Can’t remember who. But I’ve become a regular reader because you’re something a little different in the travel blog world.

    #1: You can write. Really well.

    #2: You’re writing from the heart. It’s not jazzy marketing SEO crap; you’re not trying to monetize or get attention.

    #3: There aren’t enough punks/DIY kids writing about travel/living in a foreign country. I’m tired of corporate escapees. Not that there’s anything wrong with them; they’re just way over-represented. And I can’t really relate to them.

    So keep up the good work girl. You should really submit some pieces to travel websites, and make connections with more bloggers. You deserve a way bigger readership!

  8. Great – now I have to explain why I am coming home covered in rose petals and lipstick marks. AGAIN. πŸ™‚

    Just kidding, keep up the great work, you totally have fans from all over the globe.

  9. I live in California, work in a sex shop, run a new [travel] photography blog, dream of pissing off to Berlin and living around the corner from the Cupcake bakery in Friedrichshain, and found you from Lonely Girl Travels. Hi πŸ™‚

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