and the joke’s on me

Erm. What was that I just said about being able to smell spring in the air? Touche, weather patterns, touche.

Just Wednesday I took this picture of my tulips, heralds of spring:

And now they are covered in snow. Does anyone know anything about tulips? As my ill-timed end-of-winter layering landed me with yet another cold, will this cold spell break the spirit of my lovely dumpster-dived tulips?

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  1. They’ll be fine 🙂 We seem to have a bit more in the way of winter than you do over there..But here too, Spring is not so far off..We had a beautiful warm day last week that was such a tease…and now we have a blizzard in the forecast tomorrow – 10cm of snow..But flowers for us aren’t so far away. Yes, your bulbs are tough , they regularly sprout and get buried in snow…and go on to make beautiful flowers ..Happens every year 🙂

  2. To ad to the last comment:
    The snow will insultate the flowers.
    The temperature below the snow will not drop below 0 degree Celsius.

  3. Excellent. Usually I wouldn’t bother growing flowers (except the edible ones), but having pulled these out of the dumpster two years ago, I’ve become rather attached to them. Note to self: stop underestimating the toughness of perennials.

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