and sometime soon i will finally stop babbling about wagon repair

Eight hours of computer screen in one day, even if it is only two days a week, is enough to cure me of the internet. And so I show up here less and less, even though I occasionally write to you in my head, putting together sentences I’d maybe use to tell you about commuting to work or sanding floors or staying in a medieval castle youth hostel. Instead I forget them and disappear for weeks at a time.

But today it rained. I can’t work inside the wagon because the water-tight floor coating is still drying, I didn’t want to sand untreated boards in the rain, and there is a concert in the house tonight, which means the one place I could have painted and stored the freshly-coated and/or painted boards (for the bed and shelves) will be occupied by musicians and their instruments and people drinking beer. So I read an entire Philip K. Dick book (Clans of the Alphane Moon) in bed and am finally remembering to stop by and say hello.

In parting, I present to you evidence of the astonishing progress I have made, complete with before and after photos so that perhaps you too will feel as astonished as I do. To those of you who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the wagon renovation project: do not despair, in a matter of weeks it will be over and I will get back to writing about trash and marauding and gorilla conspiracy.

Circa December 2009:

Yesterday (July 2010):

Seeing those two pictures right up next to each other makes me feel like I am a high five.

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  1. Wow – talk about shiny floors! Now you won’t go into floor shock when you & M. come to visit. 🙂
    I likes it me precious!

  2. Amazing! So let me get this straight: you forage, cook, sing, write AND are hella crafty? You’re kind of the perfect woman, you know…

  3. Oh, my! You really should be proud of yourself! I’m seriously impressed!

  4. Tee hee hee. Thanks guys. I can’t wait to see it filled with life aka all my junk and stuff. Right now I’m waiting for the bits that will become the bed and some shelves to dry and then I can sleep there for the first time. That’s going to have to be an event that involves champagne I think. Speaking of champagne, seems to me that wagons, like ships, should have names. Any ideas? In Germany they say that what you dream your first night in a new space will come true. Maybe the name will come to me then… 🙂

  5. PS I can’t fucking believe how beautiful that floor was once I sanded off fifty years of dirt and random paint bits. Oh man oh man oh man oh man.

  6. Christ Almighty, woman, you make me feel somewhat guilty for considering today “productive” as I got out of bed before 10.

    Looks AWESOME.

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