all aboard the black diamond express train to hell

So I’ve decided not to tell you anymore stories about the Black Diamond tour because they all amount to the same thing: the shows were awesome, our hosts were gracious, we hung out with a ton of awesome folks, and I spent most of the time puking behind the van. So if it’s stories of shenanigans you want, you’ll have to ask someone else. Because the more I think about tour, the more I just kind of never ever want to tour again. We need to play a show during which I’m not nauseous real soon. Otherwise I will associate touring with feeling like roadkill for the rest of my life.

In place of tour stories, have a look at a few of the inspiring places where we played. Things started out normally enough: an intimate little show at a lovely pub called Brückenkopf in Hanau and a very large, complete-with-fog-machines-on-stage show at the Euro Folk Fest in Ingelheim. The food was amazing, the crowd was receptive, and a good time was had by all. In both places. The photo below is from Ingelheim where I laughed every time the fog machine came on. Seriously, a fog machine? Sheesh.

But the third night found us on more familiar ground: playing an early Sunday show at a squatted school in Cologne. Unfortunately, I’m a little foggy on the details, but I do know that it wasn’t squatted very long ago (one year-ish perhaps?), that there was a threatened eviction, and that the group involved in squatting came to some sort of agreement with the city to keep it for another six months. Where they currently are on that time line, I have no idea.

The sheer mass of the building is impressive, especially when you find enormous murals and paintings in almost every room, and contemplate how much work went into putting them there–and all without any certainty that this building will remain in the groups’ hands for much longer.

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  1. Ok, ok, so I know you’re pukey and stuff, but if you ever feel like touring ever again, don’t miss out on Dragonfly festival! (://

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