ah yes, so this is winter

I had almost forgotten what it was like. The frozen water. The biting chill in the air. The layers of clothing. The intensity with which the wood stove must be fed in order to keep the Wagen warm when winter finally decides to show its frosty locks.

In preparation we’d turned off the water in the bathroom Wagen (during the winter we use the “flush with a bucket of water” method rather than risk burst piping), and I’d even remembered to move the two packages of hair dye in my Wagen to the sleeping Wagen. (Purchased for the orgy of chemical use which will ensue post Peanut landing. By which I mean, the single beer I will drink and the dye I will use on my hair. Wooo, bring on the poisons! Haha. Sounds a lot less appealing when I put it that way, doesn’t it?)

But, being out of practice with the concept of winter after a mild three months of fall-like “winter” I forgot about the bottles of water on my counter and the milk on my stoop. Oops. This morning I laughed when I saw my favorite glass bottle spouting ice. And frowned when I saw that the glass had cracked in several places all the same. Damn.

The two liters of milk I had on the stoop hadn’t exploded (guess I should be thankful that I’ve been too tired to get to the farmer’s market to buy my beloved brown bottles of raw cow juice—they definitely would have exploded), but even balanced between the wall and the very edge of the wood stove it took several hours before I had enough liquid to pour into my oatmeal. Lesson learned, winter, lesson learned.

long live the wood stove

Though winter weather always comes as a bit of a shock to me, I was excited to cook on the wood stove again. Sure, I could have cooked on it earlier in the season, but when it gets really cold, the stove tends to, more often, be consistently hot enough to use for food preparation. I filled a small pot with a package of frozen spinach, a package of gnocchi, and a little water. After about forty-five minutes the extra water was gone and everything was warm and ready. The final touch was a splash of milk and a package of gorgonzola cheese crumbled into the mix, and wa-la, wood stove gnocchi with a gorgonzola sauce. I’m eating it right now. And thinking that maybe I should start wearing a bib.

Is winter still playing at mild where you are? Or is the cold weather hitting everywhere simultaneously?

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  1. “Wooo, bring on the poisons!” Ha!

    Minus 20C here at the moment. Brr, cold! Winter came here after Christmas this year, which is a bonus, since most years it’s winter from October until March and the past two years we had like three months of -20 and lower right after some very mild winters. BTW, I just reread Moominland Midwinter (Taikatalvi in Finnish) and it wonderfully captures both the magic of snow and the shock of cold weather; you see, the Moomins as a rule hibernate(after eating a lot of spruce needles), but Moomintroll happens to wake up and experiences winter for the first time. Ok ok, sorry, here I go again with the Moomins…

  2. I just bought a bottle of purple hair dye and it made me feel like a giddy teenager – free of worrying what stupid corporate bosses think!!

    Winter has been extremely mild this year for MN, but still not warm enough to casually hang out outside…so isolating, I miss seeing my neighbors. Dreaming of moving to FL and working in a veg cafe on the beach…

  3. It has been obscenely mild here in Indiana. We had several days of above 50 degrees. I aired the house and took the rugs outside to shake them. The warm weather has also meant lots of clouds. Normally it is so cold the sky is blue, blue, blue because the air can’t hold any moisture. I was talking to a farmer who grows organic veggies in his greenhouse over the winter and he said this is the lowest heating bill he has ever seen. Of course with mild winters come lots of pests and diseases in the garden the following year as it didn’t get cold enough to freeze them dead.

  4. Or in your case, it would be a table cloth, and not a bib. (Are you balancing dinner on your belly yet?)

  5. Fiona: Brrrrr. I keep hearing about how things over in your corner are much much MUCH colder than here. Hope you don’t need to go outside much! I know I will be avoiding the outdoors at all costs.

    Sara: I really need to read the Moomins. They sound awesome.

    FVM: OOOoo purple! Can’t wait to see how you look in that! I am going to do half of my head black and the other half pink. I have long been dreaming of having, one far away day when my hair is much longer, long octopus pink and black dreads. This will be a nice start in that direction. 🙂

    Foy: Wow. It was like that here too until last week. Now it’s all cold hands and frozen water. Hope it at least gets cold enough once to kill the bugs though… It was so warm here that the tulips started to come up! Don’t know what they’ll do now that they are peaking out and it’s minus five though.

    Paula: Haha, that is exactly the issue. I balance the pot on my stomach and then somehow I still manage to get food ALL over myself. Every time. And if I’m wearing a scarf, which I often am recently, it all gets lost in the folds for a surprise later when I take it off. Heh.

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