a new garden bed: in progress

The day began with a sweatshirt and a thick wool sweater, but by noon I was down to one layer. What glorious fucking weather! Who says making small talk about the weather is boring? The weather is the most important thing there is. Because it was warm today we worked on the new garden bed. Because it was warm today I wore a t-shirt outside and felt euphoric. You know your culture has become completely disconnected from “the environment” when talking about the weather becomes taboo, something for old folks “with nothing better to talk about.” Pishaw.

The weather! It’s wonderful! Oh! Oh! Oh!

I’d started laying a little wall around the new bed space the day before, three bricks high. Today three of us hammered stakes into the ground and stapled chicken wire to each by way of a fence. It has yet to be tested, but so far appears to be hen-proof.

Afterward we laid cardboard over the entire surface (fuck off weeds), and the next couple of days will be filled with wheelbarrows full of sifted earth pushed back and forth between the new garden and the compost pile (my least favorite part of the process). This is my favorite way to make a raised bed, and the cardboard usually keeps the weeds out for one to two years afterward.

The crowning touch was the creepy doll head with moving eyes, forced onto the top of one of the fence poles to keep away the monsters. Unfortunately, I’ve heard monsters aren’t really scared of little blond girls. No, but when I stumble out of the wagon in the middle of the night to pee, I probably will be.

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  1. I like the fence with the doll’s head. It reminds me of the late fiance of a friend of mine who had a doll’s head rammed on the hitching ball of his XTerra; the doll also had a smoke in its mouth. No one ever fucked with it, either- it was always there.

    If it’s only chickens you want to keep out, your fence should do just fine. Unless they fly.

    Good luck with your garden!

  2. Um. I would never go near that in a million years. Very in keeping with the decorating style of our family, however.

    YAY for being outside!

  3. Paula: Our chickens, of course, can’t fly, but they can hop about that high. But usually they’re hoping onto something to sit on at that height, and not sailing over it, so I think it might be the perfect anti-hen fence. Finally! Last year they ate everything.

    Fishie: Mwah ahhahaha!

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