a boat dance for the dumpster gods

Mmm. Good morning internet, hope you’re well. I spent the entire weekend without you, and it was glorious the way time without the internet always is. The concerts we played at Ventil Verlag and der Bock were some of the best we’ve had in a while. Whiskey was consumed, songs were sung, smiles were exchanged, and a handful of people insisted on autographs on their CDs (welcome to the twilight zone). Here here, hallelujah, yip yip, and etc.

Now I’m back and in the middle of tackling some cleaning-shit-up projects in the wagon. It’s chilly, and I’m wearing the bright red winter coat I got for two euro at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. I already lit all the candles that I have, but it’s just not getting any warmer. Summers in Mainz sure are moody. But at least the spaghetti squash plants don’t seem to mind. Unfortunately, the tomato plants do. But that is neither here nor there.

I wanted to tell you about Have You Seen This Girl. Right now she’s planning a boat trip from Germany to Romania. And she needs a boat. A few months ago she wrote asking if I could save any boats I found in the trash for her. But, alas, the dumpster gods have been producing precious little in the way of boats. Ever. So I thought I’d share her plea for help with you all. If you’ve got a kayak on your hands you’ve been longing to get rid of, now is your chance.

I’m going on a kayak trip, a long one….down the Danube from Germany to Romania. It starts 25th June in Ingolstadt and ends on the 10th September at the Black Sea. 1564 miles. Shitting myself? Yeah, a little bit. Once there, I’m planning to spend the winter in Romania then, come Spring 2012 and the big thaw I will take a boat to the Crimea and commence my journey back to the West, on foot.

Not sure of timetable or route, only that I’ll be walking. That’s it…..all is open.

So, seeing as I have no previous interest in kayaking….doing this is basically an interesting way to get myself to Eastern Europe with no return ticket…..I have no kayaking equipment.

Can you….or maybe someone you know, help me out? I’m looking for second hand stuff, low budget equipment, maybe that’s been sitting in a shed for some time and can be hauled out, the dust blown off and given a loving new owner.

I’ve got a budget (a small one) so am not asking for charity. (Although that’s appreciated too!).

When I get to Romania I’ll need to lighten my load so will sell or give away the kayak and all paddling equipment. If you wanted to give something to me for free, I could make sure I donate it to a kayak school at the other end. Or, if supporting tourism in a poor country isn’t your type of charity, I could sell what you give me and give the money to an actual charity, orphanages, that kind of thing.

So….if anyone has anything on the list and they would like to sell or donate it…..please please please contact me. Or think of a kayak lover you know and forward this email.

I will be eternally grateful for ANY help you can give me.

Because I am a chronic wastrel this email is sent much later than it should have been but, you do have 3 weeks to contact me before I start arranging to buy a kayak in Germany!


A boat (hah)….sea or touring kayak. Not whitewater. Longer than 13 ft.

A paddle.

Spray/cockpit cover (one of those rubber skirt type things)

Life jacket

Small kayak transport trolley….for lugging it in and out of the river….portage etc.

Thank you.

So if you’ve got a boat for HYSTG, get in touch: haveyouseenthisgirl {AT} hotmail {DOT} co {DOT} uk. Let’s get the bartering-freecycling network cogs grinding…

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