Monthly archives: October 2012

fuck taboos, let’s talk about the darkness

I’ve been working on my club since before Pickles was born.  It had to be big enough, intimidating enough.  Because I was pretty sure that the postpartum depression was going to be lurking in the dark, dusty places—the sort of places you never have time to clean with a baby in the house—and I wanted to have a heavy blunt object ready to knock it with.  It was there.  It hit first.  My club wasn’t big enough.  I didn’t even get in a good swing.
Thing is, I have this annoying voice of reason in my head all the time.  Even [...]

dumpster find of the week: scavenging for the kids

Aaah, dumpster diving.  There has been sadly little of it in my life lately, leaving me to live vicariously through the tales of others.  Like this one.  Frugal Vegan Mom wrote me recently to tell me about this crazy-ass toy that her Grandma-ma pulled out of the trash and that her baby loves.  She saw the damn thing a few days later in a store for 45 dollars!  Good job, Frugal Vegan Mom, good job.

the cat, the bathroom, and the robin phoenix

The grey tar paper on the rounded roof is speckled with tiny yellow leaves, and the cat is under the bed again.  She is grey and black and striped, and I do not know her name.
Drinking malt “coffee” out of a brown metal cup, or, more accurately, not drinking it because the contents have made the metal too hot to touch, I try to sum up our experience in this new community so far.  There will be a lot that I cannot say, questions I cannot answer.  Legalization has yet to occur.  I will have to be a lot more [...]

music mama: touring with your baby

Seven day tour with a baby?  Why the hell not?  Then again, why?  Why why why?  When the Beard mentioned, way back when, that he wanted to plan a longish tour with our folk trio Battenkill Ramblers for this October I said sure.  But secretly, I wasn’t very excited.  I have very mixed feelings about touring, with or without getting a needy little human involved.
A few months before, we had been on a three-day trip with Baby Pickles—our first string of shows further than an evening’s train ride away—and it had been stressful.  By and large it went ok, but [...]

ribbet ribbet: on tour with the froggy mountain boys

I have to chuckle when I think of it now: in the time it would take me to drive across New Jersey, I could be in Holland.  Shit, in a plane, in about the time it takes to watch an episode of Dexter, I could be just about fucking anywhere.  Well, not in Brazil, but, you know.  There is so much to see within such a short distance these days, and, me, I barely go anywhere.  Good thing there’s tour to kick my ass out of the house and into a few other cities (and countries).
Every time we are on [...]

holy crap, we’re in the hague and it is walrus day

If everything has gone according to plan, we’ve just arrived in the Hague, and tonight we’re going to play a cute (and delicious) little cafe called Baklust. My dear friend made these invitations/flyers for the show, and I was so taken with them that I had to share. Oo la la!

As for Walrus Day: Happy Walrus Day! From what I know, Walrus Day is a holiday invented by a friend of a friend. It is supposed to be a day on which you do all the things you’ve been wanting to do for forever, and just haven’t. So if you’ve [...]

battenkill ramblers, froggy mountain boys: germany taken by fiddle

Today it begins.  Our tour with The Froggy Mountain Boys, our first long(ish) tour with Baby Pickles.  I jump for joy for my ears, and I fear for my sleep.  Being on tour with a baby is fun, but usually means even less sleep than usual.  I go to bed late, Pickles wakes up early as usual.  But The Froggy Mountain Boys!  Yohoo!  Yip yip!  Yihaw!  These folks are excellent musicians—western swing is what they do—and I am excited that every night for the next seven days, I will have the honor of playing music, exploring, and sitting in cramped [...]

gorilla parent: the bilingual baby experiment

So we live in Germany. I am American. The Beard is German. Watching a little person learn two languages at once is one of the things I have looked most forward to when it comes to baby making and raising. And here we are.
From the very beginning, from Baby Pickles’ very first minute outside of my belly, I spoke English with (to) her. The Beard speaks German with (to) her. This is what linguists call the one parent, one language style of bilingualism. Some people do one language at home, one language outside. Some people do one language in one [...]