Monthly archives: September 2012

dumpster find of the week: another bundle of blankets

I’ve mentioned the phenomenon before, but I’ll explain in a word for anyone who hasn’t been around for that long: bundles of blankets.  At least once every three months I would find one in the trash across the street from Haus Mainusch.  My theory has always been that international students who are moving out were the ones throwing them away.  Why else would you wrap all your bedding in a fitted sheet and toss in in the trash?  If the bedding had been defiled in some way I might understand.  But we’re talking sheets smelling of detergent.  And the universe [...]

dies the fire and the emberverse by s.m. stirling

George R.R. Martin and S.M. Stirling walk into a bar.  It sounds like a joke, but I’m pretty sure that it has happened, and as I was reading Dies the Fire, The Protector’s War, and A Meeting at Corvallis I often imagined the two men, both round-faced and balding, sitting in a dark-wood-paneled pub and discussing their respective universes.  “Westeros, blah blah blah” says George R.R. Martin.  He tells a joke.  The men laugh.  “Portland, Oregon blah blah blah,” says S.M. Stirling.  George R.R. makes fun of him for being too lazy to invent a new universe in which to [...]

nostalgia and other surprises

I am familiar with the pang of nostalgia and the ping-ping-ping of missing a person.  (Or many people, as you will when you move 4,000 miles away.)   But I have never missed a place.  I have always waited to move until I felt like I could leave without having to look back with that heavy feeling at the bottom of my stomach.
And now here I am, and I am missing Mainz—a city I never even noticed that I liked.  It’s not that I hated Mainz or even disliked it.  It is just that I never found much of interest [...]

speaking of tiny kitchens

While I am on the subject of tiny kitchens… This is the cute teeny tiny little kitchen the Beard and I were using before we left Mainz. Glad I thought to document it before we blew off on the wind. How to do a kitchen when you only have three by two meters.

new and improved tiny kitchen for three

I am head over heels. I have been using my Wagen as a kitchen since I finished building back in twenty ten. But it was always complicated. The Beard and I had very different visions of the perfect kitchen, and I jumped ship on ours. He loves communal kitchens, full of people and chaos. And while I like eating with people, I don’t really like cooking with people or cleaning up with people. Better said: I don’t like dealing with other people’s chaos.  (And I’m just as sure that most other people don’t like dealing with mine, or with my [...]

settling: after the move

In every battle of the wills so far, my new space phone has won. At the moment it is winning at preventing me from removing photos and videos of our move and putting them on my computer. My computer pretends that nothing is connected to it when I attach space phone’s usb cord. This is why I have been silent on the matter of moving, the one thing I absolutely can’t wait to tell you about. Go figure. But look at that! Those are our two Wägen in their new spots in Frankfurt! So green! So far apart! So many [...]

200 grimm years

When I was a little kid I was subject to a number of strange devices divined by those of the orthodontic profession.  Braces wouldn’t do the trick, and so I wore strange headgear at night that pulled my upper jaw away from my head with tiny rubber bands and a small metal plate between my upper teeth that expanded with each turn of a small key.
At the end of this long procession of modern torture devices was an oral surgeon.  My upper jaw was simply too small, the orthodontist had said.  We could cut a piece out of my lower [...]

goodbye, hello

A month after we had announced our summer departure—trading in our beloved Mainz Wagenplatz for new turf in Frankfurt—another group announced that they would be doing the same.  People love to grumble.  People seem to really love to grumble when they live in intentional communities.  Maybe there is more to grumble about.  Maybe we had more problems then most.  Either way, that grumbling had turned into action and a group of six, including four of ours, had decided to start a new Wagenplatz in the region.
You’ll hear people talking about wanting to start new Wagen communities a lot.  Thing is, [...]

to breed or not to breed

To reproduce or not to reproduce, that is the question.  Many decide for and many decide against and many have the decision taken out of their hands entirely, one way or another, and somehow it manages to be difficult no matter which road you’re on.  Since bringing Baby Pickles into the world, a number of friends have asked me questions about what it’s really like living with a baby to help them with their own decisions.  In writing an email on the subject recently, it occured to me that many of the thoughts were ones I would like to share [...]

internet faux pas, moving, dumpster diving, and archery

The weather is perfect.  I love the start of fall.  The outdoors are a’calling (as are a bajillion things that I need to do to my Wagen before winter), and I find little time for blogging.  Perhaps I should take a page from the speed dating book.  A few updates in fifteen minutes or less…
Umm, sorry about that hiccup where the website was suddenly gone.  Whoops. If you tried to come by Click Clack Gorilla the past two days and found scary ugly nothingness, I apologize.  I was a day late paying the renewal fees for my domain name.  This [...]