Monthly archives: August 2012

confessions of a wasteful builder

I admit it.  My hands are raised, my white flag is up: I am a wasteful builder. Even when I recycle scavenged materials. Even when I dumpster dive. I am still a product of this culture in this time. I still drop a screw and don’t run to find it in the grass.  Every time that it happens I see myself, as if from a cloud above my head, watching and shaking my head.  Watching from some time and place when screws aren’t a dime a dozen and the power tools have long since stopped functioning.  If the world ever [...]

preparing for winter, the diy run down

I say I’m preparing for the move, but you don’t need to paint your house before you move.  What I’m really preparing for is the coming winter.  It’s been two years since I last coated the siding on my Wagen, and seeing that most of the boards were meant for indoors (ie not particularly thick), it was high time I got on to the job of applying some paint.
the once-a-ceiling-now-an-outdoor-wall siding was well and good but…
The back narrow side of my Wagen was the last that I attached siding to, the very last step in getting it completely finished, fucking [...]

daily life: plans, pickles, and paint

Saturday marked six months of Baby Pickles.  An exciting land mark, one that will bring bites of real food, sitting, and another sack of clothes that no longer fit.  We’ve fallen into a pleasant routine, and all is well in paradise.  Seemed like a good time for another day-in-the-life post—wherein you get a more detailed glimpse into tiny house, Wagen living, and I get to create a snapshot that I know I will enjoy looking at later.  Here goes.

We wake up between eight and nine.  (I heart Pickles sleep rhythms.  They allow me to maintain full control of my sanity.)  [...]

like i said yesterday…

Pictures! This is what our spot looks like all weed whacked. (If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, go read this first.)
This is the left corner of our new spot (when looking at it from the path leading in). I’m thinking my Wagen, which will be our kitchen once we’re there, will live here. I’m already dreaming of the amazing terrace I’m going to have, and the purdy vines that will be growing up it.

This is a view straight in from the same path. The red Wagen, our main living Wagen, will be straight ahead, all the [...]

moving: something like soon

There’s a new question on repeat lately: “So have you moved yet?” Nope we haven’t. Nope we don’t know exactly when we will. We’re still getting ready. Maybe next week. Maybe the week after that. When moving means hooking your entire house onto the back of a truck and driving it to a new location, you don’t need to worry about too many deadlines. No starts or ends of leases. No tennants waiting for you to get out so that they can move in. Just you and your house on wheels.  There’s still a lot to do.
Last Friday we went [...]

squat mainz !!!!

There is a new squat in Mainz.  I feel like that sentence almost needs an entire paragraph all to itself, just to let it sink in.  A new squat in Mainz!  Wow.  These times we live in aren’t so friendly to squatters.  Even Holland, promised land of squatters for years, has illegalized squatting.  And now there is a new squat in Mainz!  Hells yeah. Let’s all collectively cross our fingers and toes that it sticks.
Overnight, Mainz has become at least three thousand times more interesting.  People are excited about the new project, and some of that energy is reflecting back [...]

writer’s block really isn’t such a bad thing

Pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you as a writer is to finish up a draft and then lose it completely.  Sure, you could go back and rewrite, but you know that the magical sparks that rang through those pages will never return as they were.  Magic is hard enough to get right the first time, and you can’t expect it to dance around in duplicate like it was born in a photocopier.
Once upon a time I had written 90 pages of a novel.  It was going to be about my year as an au pair, but [...]

rolling, rolling, rolling

The move approaches.  Slowly but, apparently, surely.  It has been so long since we visited our future home that I’d managed to lose all momentum and excited energy.  Moving seemed like a fictional event that wasn’t going to happen in this dimension.  But when two mornings ago the Beard sprung out of bed and started clearing out the dark recesses beneath our sleeping Wagen, the energy caught.  There are things to do!  There is junk to sell!  There are moments staring out of the window to be savored!
The thought of moving feels so much less daunting given our houses.  Houses [...]