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the year in books 2011 and a book geekery link party

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. In fact, the end of another calendar year rarely inspires me to introspection, despite the onslaught of it on every pair of lips and this time of year. December just doesn’t leave me inspired to “take stock”—that’s anniversary territory. But two years ago I did start one year-end tradition: The Click Clack Gorilla Year in Books.
I am a book geek. I read constantly. And because I like remembering where I was in my life when I read certain tomes, I keep a list in the back of my [...]

mount peanut prepares for lift off

Week 31. In anywhere between five and 12(ish) weeks Peanut could make her landing. Five weeks! Though it’s not probable that she’ll come that early, the fact that she could is kind of blowing my mind. Looks like I finally got my wish. During the first three and a half miserable, puky months I kept wondering when it would ever end. And now SHEBAM, the end is in very clear sight. Of course once the puking stopped I was able to sit back and enjoy myself, to stop thinking about how fast or [...]

any excuse for a glass of eggnog

Don’t worry, I don’t really hope that your house burns down. But this postcard always gives me a chuckle come the holiday season. Especially as wrapping paper holds a special, dark place in my heart, right next to straws, plastic bags, and all the other disposables with which industrial civilization seems intent on choking itself. Buying anything that is meant to be used once and thrown away is a bad idea in my book. Not only is it a waste of money and resources, it’s pretty senseless garbage manufacture. I can grudgingly accept that, say, [...]

what i love about winter

The moment that snow starts falling my head fills with cheesey songs about snow from lifetimes past. Christmas songs, songs I’ve sung in choirs—they all begin to play on repeat (or the tiny chunks of them I can still remember) on cue with a coating of white.
Snow and wet winters always propel my appreciation for warm, comfortable, water-proof winter shoes into over drive. What luxury! What comfort! If industrial civilization ever really does collapse, I’ll be the one looting at the shoe store. (Afterwards you’ll probably be able to find me at the seed store. [...]

the black diamond express train to heidelberg

The tea, the finger crossing, and all the hours in bed with a warm scarf did the trick: by Friday I could sing again. There was still some scratching and some coughing, but I could hold a tune. And a mild cold tends to give my voice a pleasant scratchy growl that lends itself to old timey country music. But remember how last week everything went wrong? How we had several near disasters with the van only to arrive at the show to find my voice completely gone? Yeah, that streak of luck was still [...]

let them eat cake

When I was in the eighth grade, our class was told that the time had come to choose a foreign language. Our high school offered German, French, and Spanish, so we would spend a third of that year studying each one. That way, our teachers explained, we could make an informed decision about which language we wanted to spend the next couple of years studying in more depth. At the end of the year I decided for German.
There were a lot of reasons involved in my decision, but the most convincing was the one reason no one [...]

we have a sauna wagen !!!

Since moving our trailers, I haven’t been able to build a new wood shed (slash baby carriage port slash kid-carrying bike trailer garage), and the Beard didn’t want to have to move all the firewood again this season anyway. So instead we keep a box of wood in the trailer, one outside of it, and the remainder waits in Frankenshed to be carried over to our new spots as we need it.
This means that every couple of days I walk past our former living space to get a handful of wood from the shed, now occupied by an [...]

oh unromantic winter

December has been unseasonably, almost disturbingly mild this year. There have been a handful of cold days and colder nights (as well as a day of hail), but for the most part it’s been days of gray and nights of light frost. I haven’t even started wearing a second layer of pants. Yet this winter feels harder than any other Bauwagen winter that’s come before it.
I don’t miss dial heat. When I sleep in apartments and houses, I am struck by how dry the air is and tend to wake with cotton throat and mouth. [...]

god chases band across southern germany with bag of lightening bolts

We named our band after a sermon by Rev AW Nix. “Black Diamond Express Train to Hell,” the sermon is called, and it is a deeply growling, hypnotically rhythmic condemnation of all the sinners that the devil is going to be picking up in his hell-bound train. We enjoy a bit of blasphemy. I believe that everybody should revel in the beliefs that work for him/her, assuming that those beliefs don’t involve infringing on the freedoms of others, but I love me a good parody and organized religion and Christianity (being the religion I know the most [...]