Monthly archives: November 2011

another little trash shed

One of my pals prefers to heat with wood briquettes (as opposed to wood). So she usually orders a little bit of fire wood, and a whole lot of wood briquettes. But this year she didn’t order quite enough fire wood. So she did what all of us really should be doing all year long: she drove the tractor to the big university trash corral, brought home a huge load of pallets, sawed them into tiny pieces, built a shed out of some scavenged stuff she had around, and filled it up with sawed pallet bits. [...]

wohoo, it’s buy nothing day!

Ah, Thanksgiving behind us, and Black Friday ahead. In the United States today people will be flocking to stores to begin their Christmas shopping. Why anyone would actually leave their house and head to the mall on the one day when the stores are guarenteed to be over-crowded is beyond me. My high school best friend and I used to do so of our own free will. Gag.
For those who haven’t heard of it, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when all Christmas shopping hell breaks loose in retail land. So folks [...]

gobble gobble gobble

My first Thanksgiving in Germany was a small ordeal. I bought some expensive seitan gyro thing from the grocery store and ate it with a big salad at the little white table in my room with my au pairing host family. No turkey. No family gathering. No pumpkin pie. I didn’t feel particularly sad to not be celebrating the holiday whose mythology, for me, has come to represent the American lie about “our” relationship with the native Americans. But I will admit that I like me a Thanksgiving spread.
I’ve been so entrenched in the [...]

another day in the life: prego winter edition

Several times I’ve written day in the life posts—one of the purposes of this blog being to depict what it’s like to live in a tiny caravan in an intentional community—and several times you’ve responded with enthusiasm. (If you missed it, you can read another “day in the life” post here.) So I thought I’d write another. The details of life are different during every day, but they are even more diverse seasonally. And especially now, with the added challenge of being pregnant. So, here you are, a pregnant winter-y day in the life of [...]

midwives and monologues: week 26 peanut

It seems like all the pregnant ladies writing books and blogs always mention talking to their bellies, but the first time I did it it felt awkward. What do you say to someone who has no experience of the outside world and no understanding of language? And with me having never been inside my abdomen myself and unable to remember the good ole days when I was brewing in my mother’s middle, we didn’t really have any common ground to start from, Peanut and I.
I rambled a bit about how pointless those factors made my monologue, and then [...]

around my grave

The first time I heard about Slab City, California was on a blog post at Birds Before the Storm earlier this week. Magpie had been out to visit what apparently is the closest thing America has to a Wagenplatz and had taken some lovely photos of the squatted desert caravan community. It looked pretty neat.
The second time I heard about Slab City was today, when spacebook told me that a dude I went to high school with had been found dead in the hot springs there. “Thirty-year old Karl Weikel had been submerged under the water for [...]

click clack gorilla on the diy showoff

By the by, today my caravan renovation project is being featured on The DIY Showoff. Here here. To all the new faces who might be coming over from their link—welcome!—and here are a few articles you might want to check out to get a feel for what Click Clack Gorilla is all about.
The Marauder’s Guide to Wagenplätze (FQAs about the intentional caravan community I live in in Germany)
The Caravan Renovation Project in a Nutshell

My Cloth Diaper Fairy Godmother Delivers (“Gorilla” parenting, I’m expecting in February…)
Why Dumpster Find of the Week? (The whys behind my weekly showcase of [...]

wagenplatz dominos part five

We are in the final stretch. I had my doubts that the group would manage to get six Bauwägen moved before rain and mud made moving them a joke. We are procrastinators all. But on Sunday we moved two trailers within a couple of hours, and there is only one more Wagen to go before the Beard and I can move our sleeping Wagen to its new happy quiet baby-friendlier place. After another Friday night of very little sleep thanks to loud music coming from the house, I CAN’T WAIT. *Hops up and down like [...]

wagenplatz dominos part four

With the ship Wagen moved (there have been a lot of new faces around CCG these days, so for those of you who are wondering what the hell a “wagen” is, read this), the last few moves in Wagenplatz dominos are falling lightly into place. Moving this purdy red number was pretty straight forward (no need for mad scientist ideas this time), but getting things to the point where it could be moved took a lot of work. There was trash to be hauled off. There were trees to be cut down. There were three other [...]

my cloth diaper fairy godmother delivers: first impressions of our new cloth diapers

Since many of you have played cloth diaper fairy godmothers and fathers by buying the Beard and I something from our baby registry, I wanted to share how ecstatically excited I was this morning when the first package of loot arrived at my door. Look! Look! You made my morning.

Though these things were ordered ages ago, they were all sent to my cousin’s house in America first. She then repacked them to send to Germany together. Because international postage is a bitch, and it’s getting more expensive by the second. Not to mention customs [...]