so i was wondering

What would you do if, out of the blue, you had a month off?

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Friday October 21st 2011, 5:48 pm 5 Comments
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I think I would do what I am doing now…teach homeschool, cuddle our new baby, make good food, go on visits to see friends.

I would get more research done, but if I was taking the month off, it would be all the research I want to do, instead of the stuff I have to do.

Comment by jadebabylon 10.21.11 @ 6:56 pm

Oh, a whole month off? A month off from work, and taking care of my elderly mother, a month off of being a wife and mom? Oh, my! Well, there is tons of things I would like to do but, they are all tied into how much money do I have to do them? If we are to assume that I would have enough money to do whatever I wanted then: I would hook up a decent vehicle to some sort of small camper, or gypsy wagon and travel the USA. I don’t even know if I would have a particular destination. I might hit the West Coast because I have never seen the ocean. I might drive up and see if I could meet Lloyd Kahn and talk with him. I might travel to one of the many small living workshops that are being held around the country and learn how to build a earthbag home, or learn how to build a house on a trailer. Anything I would do at this time would involve learning, and or helping others. I’ll stop there for now.

Comment by Patty Squirell 10.22.11 @ 2:55 am

Now that I’m working again after having almost two years ‘off’ (read: unemployed) I would so get some projects finished that I got started while I wasn’t working- specifically I’d finish the dining nook (which I hope to work on tomorrow) and then I’d work on the guest room.

They say you don’t know what you’ve had ’til it’s gone…..oh wait- that was part of a Joni MItchell tune…..

Comment by paula 10.22.11 @ 7:55 pm

If it was possible for me to have a month “off” from taking care of Jane (8 mos. old today!), I would have to decline, I would miss her too much. But if someone would magically just take her off my hands for a few hours whenever I snapped my fingers… fist I’d get my house in order, then luxuriously relax at my favorite coffee shops and read, see friends I don’t see enough, do all the fun things around the city that I’m now unable to do just on a moment’s notice… basically live my pre-baby life!

Comment by Frugal Vegan Mom 10.23.11 @ 5:01 am

I pretty much always have a month off. :). I’m totally in love with my life, I’d just live it. If I had special powers for this month I’d snap my fingers and be on the other side of the river without having to wait for it to freeze.

Comment by Tara 10.23.11 @ 8:52 am

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