Monthly archives: October 2011

wagenplatz dominos

Ahh Haus Mainusch. How I love you in theory and hate you in practice. Especially when the people who host parties and concerts in you can’t figure out how to turn down the bass on the too-powerful sound equipment that they have decided to use to serenade the five people still hanging out at 3 a.m. I didn’t used to have a problem with the noise (the Beard and I’s trailers are the first two behind that lovely graffiti-smeared house, making us the first target of any stray party sounds) because I can usually fall asleep no [...]

what a life i lead in the winter, what a life i lead in the spring

Fall is here, and the days are becoming more and more wood-stove centered. Is it warm enough to put off heating for another few hours? Is there kindling already made? Do I need to chop more wood? And where the hell are the matches?
Before Peanut landed in my belly I would spend crisp, bright fall days like today hauling scrap wood (mostly in the form of pallets) home from the big university trash corral and cutting it into tiny bits for getting fires started. Not only would it mean burning less bought wood and more [...]

dumpster find of the week: a jacket for two

You might remember that when I was ranting about maternity clothing and all of the other consumer pitfalls set for pregnant women, I mentioned needing a jacket. Apparently I really like form-fitting jackets. I had never noticed. That is until none of them zipped up anymore, and I started to feel a hint of winter in the air.
Then one awesome lady surprised me with by sending a long winter jacket she didn’t need anymore in the mail. A few days later I found a second jacket, the one I am wearing in the rather too dark [...]

midwives and home births in germany, part the second

This post is part two of “midwives and home births in germany.” You can read part one here.
Midwives in Germany—home birth plans or not—come to your home for your appointments. I had read about the concept when doing research for a set of Young Germany articles about parenting in Germany, but remain astounded and jubilant at the luxury and convenience of it all to this day. While the first midwife we had met had had trouble finding our place, the second midwife showed up outside of my trailer door ten minutes before I had been expecting her. [...]

midwives and home births in germany, part the first

The first midwife that we met with was a young, bubbly woman, friendly in the way that you expect people who work in American customer service to be. We chatted with her about her experience and ours, but it was clear within a couple of minutes that she wasn’t the midwife for me: she didn’t do home births or offer Beleghebamme services (that means “a midwife who you pay a little extra to accompany you to the hospital for your birth). Ah well, she told us, I’ll send you a few contacts to try calling, call me if [...]

“dumpster” find of the week: back to basics

I always feel extra great when I can intercept a useful item before it lands in the dumpster. I dream of a world where grocers put out all of their throw-away food for people to take home with them. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? A world with fewer dumpsters and more free boxes? Yes, yes it would. *Eyes glaze over with daydream juice.* And now let’s get back to the real world, where unthinkable amounts of edibles are tossed every single day and grocers defend their edible trash with padlocks and legal charges.
I’ve been anxious [...]

and the gender goes to…

So I was going to make you all writhe in suspense for a couple of days, wondering what the results of the gender-revelation ultrasound were. But then I thought that maybe not everyone likes suspense as much as I do, and anyway, why not? Dumpster find of the week can wait one more day. So, tum ta ta tum tum tuuuuum! It’s going to be a girl peanut.
Back at the very beginning of the pregnancy, I thought I might prefer to have a girl. But then I imagined a small giggly version of the Beard [...]

punk rock dads and peanut’s pants

The internet is choking on websites about parenting, most of which are utter crap. But one I enjoy is Offbeat Mama, which caters to the punks and the freaks and the hippies and anyone else considered a social other in this day and age. It’s where I found out that having a nipple peircing doesn’t mean you can never breastfeed and, this morning, it’s where I read an article called “Why punk rock dudes can make great dads.”
Turns out some folks got together and made a film about punk rock papas. They found a bunch of successful [...]