Monthly archives: September 2011

stocking up, staking out

I have stopped throwing up. I’m so excited that even Peanut is doing a little dance. Or was a couple of nights ago in the first instance of internal kicking I’ve been 100% sure had to do with the baby and not lunch. Nineteen weeks: check.
In my quest to keep my pregnancy as minimally consumer-oriented as my life, I’ve been scouring the fleamarket for necessities since day one. At first it felt strange to dig through the piles of baby clothes heaped in boxes at every third stand. Now it’s about all that holds my [...]

alphabet soup

And today’s nausea is brought to you by “I didn’t eat enough protein yesterday,” and the letter’s “F” and “U.” So instead of my own banter, I’ve decided to share a lovely guest post from Fish in the Water about the pitfalls of academia. Here we go…
against academia

I dropped out of grad school, if you can call it that. I started taking classes, got through one, and decided it was mental to continue. What the hell would I do with a masters degree? Sure, it would allow me to teach professionally, but I have much more fun subversively [...]

how to join an intentional community

The thing about living in a collective is that a collective can’t work without communication, and the thing about communication between 17 people is that you can’t do it without scheduling meetings. And everybody hates meetings. Even when they are part of keeping your heart pumping.
Our meetings take place irregularly, called whenever someone feels the need via a sign hung in the center of the Wagenplatz. (For any new readers here, you can find out more about what the hell a Wagenplatz is by clicking here.) Whoever is around gathers, a recorder is selected, and topics [...]

the new escapologist strikes again, prints article, wins hearts

Yihaw, yip yip, peng peng! I’ve got an article in the new issue of magazine New Escapologist! Though I am frequently being “published” online, there really is a special feeling that comes with seeing your name and your words printed on paper. As good a reason for two exclamation points as I can think of. !!
New Escapologist is a magazine about leaving behind a world in which you do what is expected of you (whether it be the 9-5 job or the picket fence) and making your life the day dream you used to have by [...]

golden hearts tour america! break hearts! end capitalism!

Having started the week with a tale of the adventures of Click Clack Gorill and K. Sleeveless, I thought I would end the week with instructions for meeting The Sleeveless One in person.
It’s easy and anyone can do it! Wow! How easy is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you just how easy it really is…
1. Examine list of tour dates below.
2. Select closest city.
3. Attend concert.
4. Start conversation by saying you’ve been sent to deliver hugs from Click Clack Gorilla. And if you go to that last Baltimore show, give my uncle a hug [...]

16 weeks pregnant: if you do not buy our products, we will kill you

Businesses sure do enjoy pumping the pregnancy market. As soon as word gets out that you’re baking your very own bun, the scent of fresh blood (to wildly mix metaphors) draws the advertisers out of the dark crevices in which they’ve been lying in wait. The race to win the contents of expectant parents’ wallets is worth the extra effort: whoever wins has a chance not just at immediate profit and potential product loyalty, but at training a brand new consumer to recognize their brand and logo. With the chance to sack two very profitable birds with [...]

sleeping bag rodeo and other games to play at gas stations

Winter hibernation modus has set in, so in an attempt to transform lead into gold, I’m doing something productive and going through my enormous Click Clack Gorilla drafts folder. This week I unearthed some hitch hiking stories from the thumb-sponsored tour Katey Sleeveless and I went on together two years ago (shit does time fly!).
If you’ve read a hitch hiking story on this website, you’ve probably read about one of our adventures on that trip. We hitched to Munich and Prague, to Dresden and back. We flew to Spain and stayed at the most gorgeous squat I [...]

click clack gorilla on relaxshacks

I am too slow for the internet. While I was off being too pregnant for anything but puking and sleeping, Click Clack Gorilla was featured on the prolific Deek Diedricksen’s website Relaxshacks twice. Take a look:
Nikki’s Super Bad-Ass Caravan/Tiny Home in Germany (and her ClickClackGorilla Dumpster Diving Blog)
A funktified/bizarre caravan sighting in Germany—”The Jesus Wagon”!?
Deek’s blog is about tiny houses, houses built from trash, treehouses, and other small and diy-able structures and is choc full ‘o eye candy of the same. He also wrote a pretty neat looking book/graphic novel called “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, [...]

dumpster find of the week: the beginning of our life as conservatives

Just kidding. Owning a vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with being conservative. But since a lot of folks we know like to make jokes about the inevitable journey to squareness that is expected to occur when you get married/have a kid/pass any other coming of age water mark, when the Beard mentioned that we should probably buy a vacuum cleaner before Peanut arrived, he made the obvious joke.
There is little need for a vacuum cleaner in a tiny house with no wall-to-wall rugs. There is plenty of dust, thanks to the wood stove and the constant [...]

hibernation, spiders

At the end of August I decided to accept that autumn had arrived, and once I did I stopped resenting the lack of summer weather and started enjoying the cool air and occasional rain. At the beginning of September the transition weather became Real Fall Weather, and I went directly into hibernation mode where I remain to this very second: sitting on the bed with my laptop, writing, reading, and avoiding going out into the now-much-colder rain outside.
From my place on the bed I watch a striped spider wait patiently in the middle of the web it has built [...]