Monthly archives: July 2011

where the wild things are

When we came home from tour the spaghetti squash in our chaotic little garden had climbed the beanstalks and the fence and made a break for the bushes that separate us from a well-kempt university lawn. Every time I look at the baby squash hanging light green on the vines, drool begins to collect in my mouth. Spaghetti squash isn’t too common in Germany, and I can hardly wait for the first ripe batch: to pull out the stringy cooked insides with a fork and to eat them with butter and salt. Here comes that drool again.
I [...]

dumpster find of the week: know your onion

I was happy to find an e-mail in my inbox a few weeks ago titled “onions.” I love onions. I love ‘em raw, and I love ‘em cooked, so much so that I have one tattooed on my leg. Mmmm. Full of vitamins and super powers, I say. And this e-mail was about dumpster diving some of that juicy yellow, white, and green gold.
This week’s dumpster find is from a reader from…well, she didn’t actually say. What she did have to say was this:
“The co-op is usually a bastion of reduce reuse recycle but [...]

back in the nest

Ahoy Click Clack Gorilla readers! I’ve been back from tour since Monday, but feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck, I’ve been far more interested in things like hot water bottles, naps, and broth than in writing. Add to that the fact that my internet-on-a-stick (a usb stick to be exact) isn’t working, and you have yourself a lazy blogger.
Tour was amazing and stressful and, well, amazing, and once I get my pictures off my camera and my thoughts organized and digested I’ll tell you all about it. We played at a squatted tennis court, [...]