Monthly archives: June 2011

dumpster find of the week: sideboard

I have a nagging feeling that I might have shown you this cabinet before. But the combination of my rush to get all my posts in a row before leaving for tour (while you’re reading this I’m somewhere between Leipzig and Berlin, or maybe playing music on one of those cities’ streets, wohoo, peng peng!) and a slow internet connection means that I’m not going to look back through the archives to check. Fuck it, and look at this neat cabinet! Teacup and I carried it over from the trash across the street a few months ago, [...]

moving out, moving on

The moving of a Bauwagen around here is always a big event. Bushes get cut back, kipple is battled, and space is carefully measured. Will we make it around that curve? Does so and so need to move his Wagen? Are we going to have to saw off some of the branches of that tree? There’s always a lot to consider, and it always takes longer than you think.
I missed the bulk of this move (I heard it took several hours and ended in the removal of a tree), but I came home just in [...]

tour! tour! tour! tour tour tour!

We’re going on tour! This is going to be Black Diamond Express Train to Hell’s (and my) first full-length tour, and I for one am excited. Touring is fun. Except when it’s uncomfortable and annoying. But that’s more the exception than the rule. The rule is you show up in a new city every afternoon, get fed, sing some songs, are given beer, meet a lot of new people, are told a lot of really nice things by some of those people, and then you’re led off to a comfortable place to sleep. And [...]

düsseldorf’s jesus wagon

I meant to share these photos alongside the story about playing in Düsseldorf two weekends ago, but I forgot, so it looks like Jesus wagon gets its very own post.
This Bauwagen lives in Düsseldorf, around the corner from the AZ and the super pretty Wagenplatz. It is apparently used by a church and is open once a week as a sort of coffee, cake, and Jesus mission. The street on which it is parked once was a street full of squats. Now it’s a street full of incredibly diversely, brightly painted buildings. One was done like [...]

dumpster find of the week: the blue chair

Last week I told you about Sperrmüll (big trash left out on the curb for pickup outside of the regular schedule) and the trip my friends and I took by bus to a nearby city (village is more like it) to harvest the plunder. (You can read that post here if you missed it.) And we weren’t the only ones driving around. The whole city was churning with other folks in their own beat up buses moving from pile to pile to harvest what they could use and sell, many of them with lisence plates from Poland.
It’s [...]

from düsseldorf to bochum: a mini tour part two

Continued from yesterday’s post, From Düsseldorf to Bochum: A Mini Tour.
I’ve never heard anything much about Bochum, except maybe that it’s a pretty industrial, hideous place. And while it may have a corner of beauty and light somewhere, I haven’t seen it. We’d been invited to play at Wageni, a teeny tiny punk-ish venue that only promotes shows by word of mouth. But the curse was upon us. Everything that could go wrong did, and it quickly became one of the strangest, most stressful nights in recent memory. But! Out of sheer spite we [...]

from düsseldorf to bochum: a mini tour

I got carsick in the van on the way to Düsseldorf, and when we arrived at the venue where we’d be playing that evening, I could barely choke down a bottle neck of beer. So I chugged malt “beer” on a sofa in the corner, spooning a chick-pea-based chili and stuffing photocopied lyric sheets into the plastic covers of cassette tapes. It was the first time since high school that I’d been stone sober on stage, and it was awesome. Dependence has always irritated me, and I think I might have tried to punch myself in the [...]

dumpster find of the week: a new cabinet

Whenever I do something a day later than I planned to, I think of my high school social studies teacher. She was a tall gangely woman, and though I no longer remember her name or any of the dates I memorized for her class, I remember that she looked like Mick Jagger, recommended Howard Zinn, and was fond of the saying “A day late and a dollar short.” Funny what our organic data bases choose to save.
But this post is about dumpster-dived booty, this dumpster-dived booty in fact:

A couple of weeks ago we got wind of good [...]

peopel of düsseldorf! appelscha! bochum!

The Hell Train is on the move again. So if you like whiskey, bluegrass, washboards, and stomping, come on over and say hello. Here’s where you’ll be able to find us this weekend (with at least one new song in tow):
Friday, June 10: Hinterhof Linkes Zentrum / Düsseldorf, Germany
Saturday, June 11: Pinksterlanddagen Festival / Appelscha, Holland
Sunday, June 12: Wageni / Bochum
As we still haven’t got the mp3 player up and working on our website, here’s a video of one of our newer songs by way of a preview. This time around Banana Box Boy wrote the text, [...]

dumpster finds of the week: a truckload of food from arkansas

Once upon a time last fall, the Beard and I spent two months traveling around America. Once upon a time a little while after that, I started to relate the entire saga on Click Clack Gorilla. And then I got distracted and wandered off. When I left off the tale (you can read the last installment here) we had just arrived in Nashville and were killing time before meeting up with our couchsurfing host.
There exists a faction of people who react very negatively to the idea of couchsurfing. They tell you that couchsurfing is dangerous. [...]