Monthly archives: May 2011

a wagenplatz fest

Ah summer. It’s a good time of year for contented sighs and wiggled toes, for afternoon siestas and cold slices of watermelon. Every year around this time a Wagenplatz in the region celebrates its birthday with a weekend-long festival. A good opportunity to open a little photographic window onto life on other Wagenplätze for Click Clack Gorilla readers, I reckon.
I’ve been going to this birthday party fest every year since I moved into my first wagon-trailer in Frankfurt. During my first visit, my team won the rally/forest scavenger hunt and a rather poor flirt told me [...]

click clack gorilla for president

Woot woot, peng peng, I’m in the running for “best of” over on DIY blog Love and Trash.
Being a web editor myself, I’ll be the first to point out that contests like these are usually more about the mutual linkage and the clicks than any sort of actual glory, but hell, I like to pet my ego and promote myself as much as the next freelance writer.
So! If you have a minute, pretty please click on over to Love and Trash and vote for “Click Clack Gorilla” to officially enshrine me among their best. (They are giving away [...]

travel light

Oh! What trash-spawned treasures I have to show you! But sun and song have kept me from the computer (though while scavenging delicious trash on Sunday the heavens emptied out all their water buckets on our heads), so in their stead this Wednesday I offer a song for the simple livers and the travelers among you. Diane Cluck sings like the bird on your porch and Jeffrey Lewis, well, he has a strange way of singing truth be told, but I love his lyrics.
So without further ado I present to you The Soundtrack to the [...]

a night in the life

A post I wrote quite a while ago to purge the demons…

One of the downsides to where I live—not the community, but the particular spot on which my little trailer sits—is the noise. My bed is about five meters from our concert space, and when the weather starts to get warm and people start to feel the urge to congregate around piles of burning twigs, they arrange themselves on a bench several meters away from my window to flap their lips and clink their bottles. And, naturally, they set up the stereo speakers so that they can listen [...]

friend or foe?

Does anyone know what these are? You see, I am a poor planner. Some of the seeds I planted I didn’t label, assuming that I would remember what had gone where (ha!). Others I did label, and then the labels blew away. And the things that remained neatly labeled decided not to come out of the ground at all.
So before I remove what I am beginning to suspect are really just weeds from my vegetable bed, I thought I’d send a plea for information out to all the other gardeners reading this blog. I could [...]

fame! glory! youtube! ha!

I don’t usually bother telling band tour stories because they’re usually kind of boring. Not boring to be in, but boring to retell. We drove somewhere, we drank beer, we soundchecked, we drank some more beer, we ate a really good/really bad dinner, we played some music, people liked it, people didn’t like it, we drove home/went to sleep. The details may change, people may like it more or less, the mattresses might actually be rock-hard gym matts in a room full of wasps and rotting socks, but the story line is always the same.
But today I [...]

the dining room

A cold, damp week has kept us from re-instituting the outdoor bed, and a new dining space has emerged in its place. Eating outside means you can be as big of a slob as you want without having the clean the floor afterwards (wohoo), but it also means that the little green bugs that live on the undersides of the maple leaves are always falling on your arms to tickle you.
The rocking chair showed up in the back of a friend’s van recently with another washboard (this one all metal) to add to my collection of household-items-turned-instruments. One [...]

dumpster find of the week: and the kitchen grows

Despite frequent trips to The Trash Across the Street, I haven’t found much in the way of memorable booty of late. (Though a particularly perfect blue metal pot does come to mind.) So instead I’ve focused on coaxing plants out of the ground, reading in the sun, and cleaning up the chaos that had sprouted between my walls while was I gazing off into space behind my computer.
Monday, mid cleaning spree, Doktor Karl knocked on the door. She had a peice of furniture for me, she said, if I wanted it. “Oo!” I said. “I’ll [...]

a boat dance for the dumpster gods

Mmm. Good morning internet, hope you’re well. I spent the entire weekend without you, and it was glorious the way time without the internet always is. The concerts we played at Ventil Verlag and der Bock were some of the best we’ve had in a while. Whiskey was consumed, songs were sung, smiles were exchanged, and a handful of people insisted on autographs on their CDs (welcome to the twilight zone). Here here, hallelujah, yip yip, and etc.
Now I’m back and in the middle of tackling some cleaning-shit-up projects in the wagon. It’s chilly, [...]

people of mainz! people of mannheim!

I have been excited about this weekend for months. Excited because tonight (Friday the THIRTEENTH, *insert spooky ghost noises here*) we (Black Diamond Express Train to Hell) are playing a show with the lovely Phoebe Kreutz at Ventil Verlag—Boppstraße 25 in the back courtyard.
Phoebe gets down anti-folk style, usually just her, her guitar, and her hilarious lyrics. Her number one top best hit ever is a song called “Straight Edge Kids Really Freak Me Out,” but I couldn’t find it on youtube, so here another hilarious song that she wrote about her ass. And anyway all her [...]