Monthly archives: April 2011

one dress protest

“So this chick was interviewing me about you yesterday.” He hadn’t actually said “chick,” and he hadn’t actually said “interviewing.” He hadn’t actually said any of it. He’d said something else in German and my brain saved it directly to the English-language database for further study. If he had said it in English he might have said “chick.” There are very few English words between “girl” and “woman” that feel good between the teeth.
“What? What does that even mean?” I asked as I walked between trailer and table with accouterments for breakfast.
“I was bartending [...]

dumpster find(s) of the week: the kids’ bedroom

Ahh, dumpster diving. There’s no room it can’t fill, no item it can’t provide. (No thanks to the disturbing wastefulness of our here and now. But for now, we revel.) This picture comes from a home in southern England. “I have four kids and a proper house, so a completely different lifestyle,” Lady F explained when she sent this photo, “but in another life I’d have done what you’re doing, or maybe lived on a narrow boat or something.” See, says I. Dumpster diving isn’t just for crust punks and homeless people and [...]

things to do in the summer

After the mice grow so bold as to disappear into the wall with an entire package of toast, tear down the entire wall (it needed to go anyway) in a madcap hunt for their heads. Succeed in finding their (ex) nests. Curse their ability to consistently escape both slingshot and cat.

After spending one night on a “beach” (man-made, on a river) and one night in a two story tent during a ruckus, wall-shaking thunder storm, come home and set up a bed outside. Spend no more than ten minutes indoors at a time until the rain that [...]

you’re not in kansas anymore: a guest post by fish in the water

Today’s post is brought to you by local food enthusiast Fish in the Water, about the changes she’s found herself undergoing as she spends more and more time outside.
I feel like I’ve wandered into Oz. Things look strange. Things sound strange. I feel like I’ve just discovered color- like I’ve been sleepwalking all this time and now I’ve woken up for the first time. Time is actually moving slower. Houses look alien and dandelions look like food. It’s starting to get pretty intense.
I noticed it again today while peeing in a public bathroom. Someone turned on one of those electric [...]

new magazines for new escapologists

When I was a kid I subscribed to the magazine Ranger Rick. Though I have no more than a general recollection of the magazine’s contents (nature and animals and “saving the environment”) I can only assume that reading it every month had some effect on my environmental consciousness because when I finished each issue I would feed the pages to the dog. This, I thought, was a way to recycle paper much more satisfyingly direct than sending it off to the recycling plant. Feed the dog a page, get a pile of poop in the garden. [...]

looking for some fame and glory?

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a casting agent looking for people to be a part of a documentary-style television show about foragers, freegans, dumpster divers, scammers, and traders—pretty much anyone who gets food into their belly for free. I offered to post their casting call here, in case any of the clever eaters who stop by here daily are looking for some fame and glory.
Personally, I’m not sure I can even handle the thought of being featured on a “major cable network.” Having hundreds of people read my writing is one thing, but knowing that thousands are [...]

dumpster find of the week

I’ve run out of dumpster find of the week posts. Sure, there are still plenty of odds and ends around the trailer that are from the trash that I have yet to share on dumpster find of the week, but really, I want to hear from you. Are you dumpster diving? Are you hauling home your neighbor’s curbside furniture discards? Did you just eat that slice of pizza somebody left untouched on that restaurant table?! If you did it I want to hear about it. Send me your pictures and your stories! Share [...]

dishwater geek, springtime magic

And with the start of spring, doing the dishes is suddenly fun. Fun, because doing them means standing outside in the sun, fondling some of my favorite objects, and, on the days destined for an extra heap of sugar, being serenaded by the banjo being plucked in the wagon across the way. This may make me a geek of some sort. But already being a proud bearer of that title on a number of fronts I say fuck it, let’s wash us some dishes.

This is what it looks like when I wash the dishes (and when I [...]

gorilla who?

You people are wonderful. You really are. You shower me with comments, ask me questions, send me nice e-mails about how much you like my writing, and you have been sending me PayPal donations to support the Gorilla cause to an extent that I did not imagine possible. (I have used the money to purchase the wheelbarrow in which I will be carting around my ego.) So thanks to every single one of you. I raise my forkful of fried sweet potatoes to the heavens in a toast to your honor.
While I’m taking care of [...]

forge ahead, scavenge, and shine

Ahoy! Click Clack Gorilla! I’ve missed you but life, as it should, has come between me and my computer recently more often than not. To blame is the sun. It just keeps shining and shining, and it has lured me from my computer and the freckles from the pale winter skin on my cheeks.
Someday soon it will rain, and then I will spend the day writing the hundreds of posts that have been simmering on the low heat of a near-sun-stroked brain for the past few weeks. Until then, look at what this amazing woman [...]