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In one ecstatic day of spring we cut a meter of width off of the bushes across from my front door. The weather, the activity, the smell of spring in the air—I was excited, ready to flex my spade and start building a few new raised beds. Then I remembered I had to work the following two days, and the weather, merciful for once, remained cold and wet and unpleasant while I did my time at my desk in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the weather, feeling rather pleased with itself, has continued the pattern right into my days off.

Not a day for planting it seems, but I putter around outside in my red-and-white-polka-dotted rubber boots all the same, rearranging groups of chairs, re-potting the three sage bushes I’ve raised from seed—their size a testament to how long I have now lived in this place. There was one glorious day of completely ignoring the wood stove, followed by three days of only giving into fire at night.

Having won our battle against the bushes, there is now much more room for garden beds than I’d imagined. And images of zucchini and spinach danced in her head…

Are any of you planting (or planning) your gardens already? What’s on the menu this summer? I’ve already got a large stash of bottles to recreate Nim’s recycled bottle fencing

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Friday March 18th 2011, 4:06 pm 4 Comments
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lettuce and arugula and kale that I started from seed in the garage are in; peas are up; beets are finally coming up (so where the hell are the carrots?). Onion seeds are in the bed, but I’ve also got some started on the bench, Radicchio Treviso, broccoli, endive and celery are started on the bench. I’m waiting until things warm up to start my tomatoes and eggplants and peppers in the garage, and then when the peas are all done, I’ll direct sow zucchini and patty pan squash where they are on that end of the beds, and filet beans and slicing cukes on the other end. Asparagus is coming up, but they’re too young to harvest yet (although I might sneak one or two!). Tired yet?

Comment by paula 03.18.11 @ 7:43 pm

We got a plot in our community garden last year and decided it wasn’t really worth it for us.

This year we’ll grow kale, herbs, and tomatoes at least alongside our house and are also splitting a CSA share with some friends.

Comment by Frugal Vegan Mom 03.18.11 @ 11:33 pm

As you well know I’ve been planning for ages! And if you mosey on over to the blog (http://www.fishinthewater.net/2011/03/19/i-cant-believe-its-warm-outside/) you will see the first little seedlings making their way toward edible. Thanks for the reminder on the bottles though, I forgot I was supposed to be saving them. Fortunately there’s a giant pile of recycling out in the garage.

Comment by fishinthewater 03.19.11 @ 2:53 pm

Paula: Daaaaamn girl, you’ve been busy. I also reckon that you live somewhere a lot warmer than here. Was it California?

FVM: Oh! You just reminded me I wanted to sign up for a CSA this summer. Save myself having to go into the city to the market. Save myself having to figure out which things are the localest. (Stands here always say which country the items have come from, but even a stand run by folks with a farm nearby often get stuff from the wholesale market and then who knows how far it’s traveled.)

Fishie: Looking good! Temperatures here have been getting into the negatives nights still, so we’ve decided to wait another week or two to put in our seeds. The greenhouse is a bit too drafty to risk it already with the more sensitive plants. I’m putting all my energy into filling the new raised bed with compost instead.

Comment by clickclackgorilla 03.21.11 @ 2:02 pm

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