Monthly archives: March 2011

dumpster find of the week: bikevision, trashvision

It’s spring, which means people have started doing spring cleaning which means the trash is piled high with all the stuff that has been re-categorized as junk for 2011. There have been clothes and there has been furniture and today there was even a two-foot-tall terracotta Buddha. And here I am, not having taken a single picture of any of it. Go figure.
But! Dumptser find of the week marches stoutly on without me. This week I got an e-mail from James of Bikevision with a bunch of pictures of his latest dumpster booty:

On top of [...]

recycling for the apocalypse: cart chair

The riders of the apocalypse will not arrive on horses, as is often assumed. No, their chariots will be welded together out of scrap metal and old shopping carts.

This particular steed—failing in Mad Max character though it is—I built as a birthday present. Inspired by what I had seen in Cologne during the tall bike building workshop, I came home, got out the angle grinder, and chopped off the front of a shopping cart that had been hanging around the Platz. It really isn’t more complicated than that. Slap on some paint, attach a cup holder [...]

on writing

I started writing my first novel when I was nine or ten years old. It was a horror story about a child with a stuffed dog who started talking to her, plotting things with her behind her worried mother’s back. I don’t remember much about it. I do remember my father telling me that he liked it, that it was nice and creepy, and that he was very sad, years later, when I told him I destroyed the journal it had been written on in one of my journal destroying rages (a storm that hits about once [...]

dumpster find of the week: even more wooden boxes

I may have mentioned that I have a thing for old wooden boxes. Though I didn’t end up having space for these in my wagon this rennovation around, I’m holding onto them for the day I do. Attached to the wall, they’d make some pretty sweet little cabinets.
The box on the bottom left I found in the Frankfurt Sperrmüll (big trash left out on the curb). The shiny box crowning the pyramid came from the university big trash corral and remains, rather unfortunately, locked. (Time to learn lock picking.)
The slate gray box on the bottom right [...]

a new garden bed: in progress

The day began with a sweatshirt and a thick wool sweater, but by noon I was down to one layer. What glorious fucking weather! Who says making small talk about the weather is boring? The weather is the most important thing there is. Because it was warm today we worked on the new garden bed. Because it was warm today I wore a t-shirt outside and felt euphoric. You know your culture has become completely disconnected from “the environment” when talking about the weather becomes taboo, something for old folks “with nothing better to [...]

it is spring, says the calendar

“You know it’s spring when the Bauwägler start lighting up the fire barrel again.” And so it’s been the past few weeks. Soggy boards dug out from beneath piles of leaves, clippings from the bush we fought back last week, boards saved for building projects that we’ve admitted will never happen, an old crib carted home from the pile of trash on the sidewalk outside of the kindergarten down the street, pallets used to shelter fire wood now beginning to rot: all of it lands in the fire barrel, and we crowd around it when the evening cools [...]

click clack gorilla on letters from frau dietz

Wohoo! An interview! Expat Brit Frau Dietz has been doing a series of interviews with bloggers who have moved to Germany from afar. Having been here for six years now, I had to dig rather deeply to answer some of her questions, and it resulted in a nice little time travel excursion for me and a (I like to imagine) nice little interview for you. Read it here.

bushes: 0, click clack gorilla: 300

In one ecstatic day of spring we cut a meter of width off of the bushes across from my front door. The weather, the activity, the smell of spring in the air—I was excited, ready to flex my spade and start building a few new raised beds. Then I remembered I had to work the following two days, and the weather, merciful for once, remained cold and wet and unpleasant while I did my time at my desk in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the weather, feeling rather pleased with itself, has continued the pattern right into my days off.
Not [...]

zombies: 1, click clack gorilla: 0

The last two mornings have begun with a short jog—not the kind in which you grudgingly force yourself out of bed and into the jogging shoes that will take you out into the surrounding country, but the kind that takes place between bus and train when you arrive at the station and glimpse the large clock hanging on its façade.
While dodging pedestrians and sprinting up escalators (why is the world full of people who do not understand escalator etiquette? the right side is for standing and the left side is for sprinting, damn it) I imagine myself in a [...]

dumpster find of the week: the bucking cow

I was really glad that some folks I know are about to have a baby, as I was glad to have a reason to take this little plush cow rocking chair home with me.

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