Monthly archives: November 2010

prelude to a tour

It has, at last, come to this. Me: camera happy. You: finally getting a taste of the sweet, sweet light at the end of my tunnel. Today, a preview, tomorrow, full disclosure (and exposure) of the finished caravan.

To read about the entire project, click here. This post was a part of Show Off Your Cottage Mondays at House in Roses.

it’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring

The first snow! As it fell into my coffee cup and hair last week, I felt ecstatic. Then I looked down into the mud I was drinking and quietly acknowledged the fact that I could wait no longer to fix the window next to my bed.
I don’t remember how the glass in the window broke, but it did. In the freegan spirit, Dr. Karl and I had taken apart a double-glass window harvested from the trash across the street (renovating meant removing and tossing every window in the building). We then cut new glass for my [...]

wagon vocabulary

wägler /way-gler/ noun a. A person who lives in a bauwagen. Literal translation: “wagoner.”
steinhäusler /sty-n-hoy-sler/ noun a. A person who lives in a stone house. Literal translation: “stone houser.” The detail of stone is included due to the fact that most houses in Europe are built of stone. In America, for example, the term Backsteinhäusler (“brick houser”) or Holzhäusler (“wooden houser”) might better apply.
It is perhaps also important for the burgeoning German student to note that the only people I have ever heard use either term are people who live in bauwaegen.
A night in a “stone [...]

the journey continues

For those of you just tuning in… In September, the Click Clack Gorilla and her Beard began a journey of epic proportions through the country of the Gorilla’s sordid origins (read: USA). After a luxurious week in New Jersey and several days of hand wringing in Philadelphia, they hopped in a rental car and headed south, where you will find them groggily nodding along to Old Crow Medicine Show right now…
Our trek led us on. And on and on and on. The day had begun with a coffee in the hazy half-light of dawn, and it [...]

there ain’t no kind of cure for my disease

When I left you last, intrepid readers, the Beard and I were in Filthydelphia, waiting for the Fed Ex man to bring the key to our imminent escape to Tennessee. Though I had long stopped believing in any sort of happy ending, our white-trucked knight finally rang the doorbell and pressed a new copy of my credit card into my hand. We were euphoric.
Back at the airport car rental office, I gritted my teeth as I realized that I was going to have to deal with the same woman who had refused to help me in any way, [...]

sparks, stories

Between the end of fall and the beginning of wood stove season, there is a chill just mild enough that you can heat a small room with candles. Tonight, I light twelve candles, and when I find the chill no longer in the room, in my wagon, I sit very still in the soft light, and I stare at my newly finished bookshelves. I feel content, just sitting still for several hours, not meditating, not really, but feeling peaceful and deeply content as I run my eyes across the colorful spines that line the shelves. I had [...]