Monthly archives: August 2010

ab nach amieland!

Nervous energy. Everywhere. Right down to my fingertips. Tomorrow morning I will get on a plane in Frankfurt, and tomorrow afternoon I will get off of a plane in New Jersey. When I think about it even just a little I am still completely astounded by the concept of flying. Every single time.
It has been two years since I last set foot in the U.S.of.A., and I have a poll running: who will be the one with the worst case of culture shock? I’m betting on myself. It’ll be a close win, though, [...]

daily life

It is Tuesday morning, and it is my turn to do the dishes. I pour water from the canister next to the stove into a large metal pot, and I light one of the burners on the stove. While the water is heating, I read blogs. What a strange combination of the primitively simple and modern technology…
Once the water is warm I put in a pile of plates and start to wash. Sometimes I use organic biodegradable soap that I can pour on the garden when I’m finished. But the organic biodegradable soap doesn’t cut grease for shit, so I [...]

euphoria descends

I have started moving things into my wagon. Euphoria has descended. I have grinned like an idiot. I have sighed like a love-lorn princess. I have hopped up and down while clapping my hands. Pictures have been taken. Objects have been moved from one wagon to another. Exclamation points and cartwheels have been handed out in abundance.
The moving-in chaos:

Now, at the end of this long gauntlet, I find myself reminiscing fondly. “Remember that time it took eights hours to dig out the wheels, and another six to pull it out of that [...]

people of bingen, cologne, and d├╝sseldorf!

Gorilla songs! Whiskey! Bar fights! Good conversation! Self-produced CDs and cassette tapes! Household appliances turned into instruments!
We (we=Black Diamond Express Train to Hell) are going on an itsy bitsy weekend tour, and I’ve gone and broken out six years’ worth of exclamation points just to tell you about it.

Friday, August 13th: Keine Wut mehr? Festival, JUZ Bingen. One lonesome country blues band in a sea of asi Deutsch punk and sludge and who the hell knows what else. What time will we play? Will we will chased from the building [...]

my other life

It isn’t that I haven’t been writing lately. Though wagon/trailer/wheeled-house-ship repair has consumed most of my life, I am still out there writing for money two days a week. This is certainly better than not writing, but whether or not it is better than writing more amazing things for no money is up for debate (whatdoya think writer readers?). But I certainly can’t complain. I wanted to be a travel writer and here I am, getting paid to sleep in castles and tour underground tunnels in Berlin. Exclamation points for everyone!
So, in case you’ve been [...]